Friday, 22 July 2016

supergirl fanfic originally posted on tumblr. find me there too. Link available.

Supergirl Can Sing

A supercat fanfic by superkara

Rating: M

Category: F/F

Pairing: Cat Grant, Kara Danvers

I don't own supergirl or any of the songs mentioned here, though I just thought they fit too perfectly to discount.


She was singing again, and man, Kara could sing. Literally. Cat tried to ignore it yet again, and found she couldn't. She was in the shower again, before they went to work together, at Catco, and she was singing about cake and an ocean, and Cat was physically "suffering."

Did Kara have to be so damn perfect? Not that Cat wasn't pleased, she was. But Kara was so physically beautiful and perfect in every way it was drowning Cat. And she was a superhero. Cat couldn't discount that either. Cat sighed and set down her book, rising from her chair, and padded towards the bathroom in her Manolo heels. Cat removed her shoes and placed them by the door, stepping into the bathroom and reaching to her chest to remove her blouse immediately as she crossed the expansive bathroom to the shower, seeing Kara's shadowy silhouette against the curtains of the shower. Damn, the girl had no fault, and she wasn't even trying.

"Hey Cat, I thought you were done." Kara murmured as the song ended, clearly using her xray vision coz she didn't move the shower curtain one bit.

"I'll give you Cake By The Ocean, Kara ZorEl." Cat  grumbled when she shrugged the last of her clothes off, finishing a messy line of clothes through the bathroom, and stepped into the shower after her girlfriend. "Hi, Kit Kat!" Kara said, delightedly happy as cat closed in on her, and trapped the young hero in the corner of the shower with a soapy bath sponge. Cat kissed her eagerly, finally silencing the loud girl, and smiled at her minor victory of finally silencing Supergirl.

"We're gonna be late..." Cat murmured, smiling as she ran her hands over Kara's wet and soapy body, pushing her body right up against Kara's. Kara smiled her megawatt grin, reaching up to turn off the shower radio, but then another song began. This time is was Closer, by Tegan and Sara. Cat sighed as Kara gently pushed her against the wall under the hot spray of water, smiling as Kara leaned up against her, and kissed her neck, singing the first lyrics softly into her ear.

"Kara..." Cat said softly, her hands already in Kara's wet hair.  "My singing Supergirl..."

I'm sorry this is so ridiculously short. I just had a brainstorm at work and wrote this down quickly. Now I rather like it, so I'm keeping it this way. Put this in wherever you want, it doesn't much matter. Thanks.

I also can't believe I wrote something like this, thought about something like this, and kept my features so neutral that no one suspected me of doing anything other than texting. If only they knew...

Honestly... I could have kept writing, but thought it best to keep this at least mildly appropriate. Mildly. Just... mildly.

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