Saturday, 21 May 2016

updates from the world of blue, red, and gold. And pink. And black..... a weird color wheel for me.

So hello. Updating my blog, and apologizing for not posting pics yet. I have them, but after a recently discovered Supergirl fanfic, I thought it would be oddly funny, and stupid, if I brought my own pictures into my own, since my story will have a photoshoot in it. Good? Bad? Let me know. Anyway, thats the reason. So its coming. Soon. Days. Maybe a week. I'll be doing art as well, so let's hope I can do this.

In other notes, this story is full on Supercat. If you don't know what that is, I treaten you to look it up, because when I discovered this was a fandom, I laughed my head off and used all my browser data on reading every single fanfic that there was on it. Every one. They're wonderful, despite being kinda unconventional. So if anything within Supercat and it's realm offends you, please, don't read this, because I will be making mine, read (SHUTTERSTOCK), explicit. A bit. But I hope you read it. And comment. Maybe a weeks time, so check back. Thanks guys. Again, any ideas welcome.