Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Love of Supergirl tv series is getting intense now. Watched the finally last night. Love this series a bit too much. Lol. Fun times. I have the comic books too. What do you say to my cosplay? Places to improve........

I'm officially addicted

Supergirl cosplay almost done. Rush rush... we're almost there!
What do you think so far?

Monday, 18 April 2016

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2016

I will be attending the comic expo again this year! I didn't go last year coz I messed up details last minute but this year I'm back! I'm going with friends from my work so it'll be crazy fun, coz I love this girl so much already.
I just wanted to say I will be posting pictures this year again and the only change is that I'm not... yes you read right... NOT, going to be Saint Tail.  I'm gonna die. No Saint Tail. I'm crying right now....

No. I found a rather entertaining show on tv and that led me to the comic books, which led me to the cosplay, which led me to the internet shopping... which led me to the drugstore, because I am not spending $400 on a premade cosplay. I'm going to cosplay as Supergirl this year. Yeah, I know. I'm absolutely nuts. ^-^ I'm aware of it. Lol.

I'll be posting pics after the 30th of April so stay tuned. Thanks. I'm addicted to Supergirl now. If you've read my Superfriends are forever fanfic, you know my sly plans. Haha love you guys.