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Fifty Shades of Saint Tail #1 ...I personally like chocolate...

Hey Saint Tail fans. I don't own Saint Tail, as you already know. Let's get that out of the way. Now, this is a beggining, a new start, to my erotic version of Saint Tail. Initially, I had the idea of only one story, a long, thick, complicated story filled with betrayal and tension, and of course, because it's erotica, passion. And lots of it. With you know who. That story is still on the way, and it will be all those things, but it'll take me months and months to write this thing, and so the other day, when I was drawing the cover image for it, I saw the title, and decided to do something to it. So with this I bring you, slowly, 50 fanfics dealing with Saint Tail, Meimi, yes I heard you Sakura 84, and maybe even the other Saint Tail series characters if I can think of something. Some will be short, some long, some just plain freaky. That big story, I'm planning it to be last, since it's such a big story, and I promise it will somehow involve everyone in the series. With classmates, parents, friends, enemies, even teachers, yes I have a sly plan, this will unfold. It will be a very big, long, and complex fanfiction, and hopefully, will give the series a tribute unlike anything I've read or written. It will be erotic, just like all these fifty numbered fanfics will be, so, if that offends you, don't read them. But hell, since when does anybody follow that rule.

I just had a thought that an interesting plot twist would have been if Saint Tail's last, or in the case of my annoying ideas, not last, theft would have been with her detective. But in the older, sexier way. I know, I know, I'm doing bad bad things here, but come on, wouldn't that have been one hell of a plot twist?! It's become my mission, however dumb, to make sure I write that. But, it's not proving to be as easy as I first thought.

But, anyways, stop the rambling. On with the story. I will note them all with numbers, so you can follow, and this is number 1. They may not be in order, but I'll try.

Leave any ideas, and requests, for fanfics, art, anything, in the comments, and I'll get back to you. Thanks, guys. I don't own fifty shades of grey or Saint Tail and now, let's get into this mess... ^-^ Saint Tail.




Asuka Jr. sighed as he walked around the park, staring at anything and everything, waiting for his Saint Tail to show herself. But he knew, it was too early. He had twenty minutes left to 9 pm on this hot summer night, and with her precision, he knew she wouldn't be here yet. Another night, another heist. The same, over and over. He loved it too much to admit. This girl. The things she did to him.

Asuka Jr. sighed as he stared at the tree with all of its names and crosses. The tree of happiness. The new one. He smiled at that theft, at the plain lunacy of her stealing such a thing, and ran a fingertip over three letters, three letters that he'd put there for him and Saint Tail. He knew it wasn't worth anything, but along with the few other names and hearts on the bark, this mark, this riddle for anyone with the time to uncover the initials and whom they belonged to, made him feel more secure about her.

It was stupid. Totally. And stupidity was not one of Daiki's traits. But he liked having it there. How silly. A silly little confirmation for him. To know that, at least at one point, he had had an actual chance with Saint Tail. In case it ever ended. He hoped it never did, because deep in his heart, he knew that he loved her more than he would any other. Only Saint Tail with her strange, mysterious beauty. And what of Meimi? His classmate? His overly loud, annoying classmate? Well, she just made this Saint Tail thing all so much cooler.

Asuka Jr. smiled and brought his hands from the letters and glanced around the park bathed in the light of another flaming sunset. Fifteen minutes to sunset. Fifteen minutes to Saint Tail. Asuka glanced around the open park with no more people and no soul, and spotted something quite interesting on the lone bench past the trees. Something black and pink and strawberry blond, and it was holding something small and black, and frayed at the ends. A few meters away. His whole body reacted to her presence, and he wanted nothing more than to grab her and kiss her, and more. He'd known her for years, from the thefts, but, recently, he'd started talking to her, meeting her. In secret, of course. He'd keep her free so she could do her good deeds. But, it was nice to know he could talk to her this way. Almost as if she waited for him before a theft.

Smiling, Asuka Jr. walked over to her silently and stopped behind the bench. Everything was silent. Not a sound except the purring of a stray kitten beside Saint Tail's hip, one that she was attentively scratching.

Asuka grinned and glanced over her shoulder quietly, gathering what she was reading. That damn annoying book. Obviously it held her interest. Hmm. He knew why. He knew Saint Tail that well. Already. He grinned as he skimmed the words, and found the hot, sexy words that layered the novel. Hmm. Fifty Shades of Grey. He knew she read it. He'd seen it in Meimi's bag the other day at the beach. The same frayed, spine cracked book that proved she'd read it way too much.

"I still have 12 minutes, I can finish this scene in time." Saint Tail murmured quietly, totally focused on her book. Damn. She always knew exactly when he showed up.

"Fifty Shades. Really, Saint Tail? That?"

"Mmm. It's not as terrible as you make it sound. Some of this is actually quite entertaining. You should watch the movie." She murmured softly, closing the frayed novel to show off the title of the tie and all its markings.

"I'll never watch the movie." He said, watching as she finally placed the book aside and looked up at him, meeting his green eyes with her beautiful blue ones. "What are you, 18? You shouldn't be allowed to watch that movie. Please tell me you have the theatrical version, not the uncut one." He laughed, looking at the sunset and it got ever closer to the sea and got ready for its vanishing act.

"There really isn't much more in the uncut one, like ten minutes of extra texting." She said matter of factly, dropping her head back to look at him directly.

"Well, good. I'm not sure you should be watching that, you know, that... stuff."

"Oh, so you're going to dictate what I watch, now? You're not my father. And speaking of fathers, I've seen him watch it too."

"I'm not your father. But I am your boyfriend."

"Only during the day. As far as everyone else knows, including your officers, Saint Tail is free as a dove. So, technically, if I'm Saint Tail, you can't tell me what I can and can't watch."

"I like knowing I can influence you, even as Saint Tail."

"You can't."

"Oh, shut up, Saint Tail." He said then, moving over to grasp her shoulders, keeping her head back so he could kiss her. It felt weird, kissing her like this, upside down, but it was kinda sexy too. Kinda kinky. Just a bit. Knowing that he could be caught kissing Saint Tail because his officers were just past the light fence of trees behind them. "No watching Fifty Shades without me to tell you if it's irrational." He said, breaking the kiss to speak to her.

"I'm watching. I like that movie. Just like a trillion other people around the world. There's a reason it's created a sexual revolution. It's okay to like these things now. It's waking everyone up. Come on, it's time to wake up too." She said, shaking him gently as she still looked at him upside down.

"Give me that." He said and grabbed for her novel, flipping to the page she'd stopped with her bookmark. He held it up to the remaining light and began to read the sex scene that was very descriptive and not at all shy about boundaries.

"Oh, don't read that here. That's embarrassing."

"So, Saint Tail. What's your favorite flavour of ice cream?" He asked after a minute of reading. She looked up from her place where she had her hands over her face.

He walked around the bench and crouched before her, handing her back her book, which she took gently and placed it beside her stranger friend of a cat, which began to pay with her bookmark and the ribbon on it.

He leaned in to kiss her again, softly, just briefly, and gently held her hands. The sun was almost gone. Soon she'd be gone again too. Until next time. When he'd get another kiss. He couldn't wait. "Please tell me it's not vanilla." He added, laughing lightly as he brushed the bangs from her eyes.

She laughed and stood up, handing him the book as she walked around him once, assessing him. So he felt. Under her scrutiny. "It's 9 pm. I have to go steal a diamond. You don't be late. And do your homework. Next time we see each other, I want to know you read this, and feel more... educated. And just so you know..." She finished, stepping up to him and leaning in to whisper in his ear. He closed his eyes, waiting for her kiss. Hoping for another kiss. She did kiss him, just brushing her lips over his cheek for a single second, as light as a feather. then said almost too quietly for him to hear, "My favourite flavour is everything except vanilla."

Asuka Jr. opened his eyes, suddenly cold, and saw she was gone, no sign of her left. He glanced at the cat, who was sleeping on the bench, and at the book still in his hands. He smiled and opened it to the same page, intent of finishing that scene, if only for her, and found a note in the crook of the pages. He flicked it out and turned it over, smiling.

So glad we aren't Vanilla. Saint Tail...

THE END... hope you like it. Saint Tail.
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