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I don't own supergirl, but my god, I'm good at this stuff, and evidently, you seem to be enjoying it, so I'll continue...

My supercat crazy, hell, it's all I've got in my head. Walking to work gives me an idea damnit. Every stupid everyday thing I do gives me damn idea... I love it. And the worst thing? I was sure I wouldn't become this obsessed.

Summary: Basically, Kara likes to eat...



Food. Kara shifted in the bed, making the sheets travel down her body. She sighed and snuggled back against the pillow, ignoring the thoughts in her brain.

FOOD... Kara grunted, turning over the other way, making the sheets slip lower yet again, basically baring her naked body to the room, the sheets barely managing to cover her hips at this point. Kara ignored it and stretched out, relaxing.

I'm hungry. I really should get food... Kara sighed, opening one eye and staring at the darkness around her. She saw the stars outside their open balcony, and Cat's silhouette, framed by moonlight, and smiled. Beautiful. Kara smiled and sat up slowly, watching her girlfriend sleep deeply, muttering something in her sleep that Kara couldn't distinguish.

Sighing, Kara slipped out of the bed and stalked toward the door, grabbing her tiny royal blue nightie and shrugging it on as she stepped into the hall and went to the stairs. Damn her Cat for satisfying her so much and making her kryptonian dna wake up and use so much of her energy that she woke up nightly looking for food to fill herself up again. Not that she minded, she'd do anything for another second with Cat, like that. But she hated how much money Cat was spending on groceries lately, her fault entirely.

Yet even so, Kara padded barefoot down the spiral stairs and went straight for the fridge, her eyes frantic. She looked in and pulled out a bowl of leftover penne alfredo and stuffed the bowl into the microwave, fully aware that the dish held enough to normally feed 3, and knowing with a smirk as she grabbed a fork out of a countertop drawer that she'd want more than this could give her. There's chocolate pie in the fridge too...  she thought, then shook it off, waiting impatiently for the spinning in the metal box to stop.

"Mmm... cheesy..." She murmured as she pulled the bowl from the microwave and sat down at the bar, digging in immediately, a glass of chocolate milk already on the table as well, ready for devouring.

She was eating big bites of steaming cheese covered pasta for all of two minutes when Cat walked down the stairs in her red nightie, the colors no doubt a play on her limits of roleplaying, and stalked up to her, a curious smirk on her pretty face.

"Cheese and chocolate milk? At 2 am? Kara, really?"

"Your fault." Kara said and focused her attention back on the bowl before her, distracted. Cat in nothing but a very small amount of red silk was tempting, more than Kara was willing to admit, but so was gooey cheese.

"My fault?" Cat scoffed, dipping a finger into Kara's bowl and swiping her tongue out to catch it as she walked around Kara and to the cabinet next to the fridge. "How is this my fault?"

"You satisfy me. Burn my energy. Then I need to reboot."

"Ah, I see. Well then," Cat said, pulling a jar of honey from the shelf and settling it on the counter, leaning on her elbows as she watched Kara eat. "I guess we'll just have to stop using up your reserves of energy."

The look of horror on Kara's pretty face was enough to make Cat laugh, and she stood up, walking to stand behind Kara, gently massaging the girl's shoulders, relaxing her. No, she just wanted skin on skin contact, and Kara's skin was so pearly soft and silky, Cat reveled in it. "Relax, Supergirl, I'm never going to get enough of you."

"A few more bites and we can get on with it."

"You had what? 4 orgasms already tonight? Or, sorry, last night."

"For us Kryptonians, that's a pretty sweet average, yeah."

"Average. Okay, you learn something new every day."

Kara grinned and reached into the nearly empty bowl, sweeping up a fingerfull of creamy cheese and lifting it up past her shoulder, smiling when Cat captured the digit and sucked it clean, grasping Kara's hand in hers in the process. A stray drop fell onto Kara's shoulder, and Cat leaned in, releasing Kara's finger to catch the drop beside the strap of her nightie, kissing her clean as she caught it. Cat kept kissing, teasing. and swept Kara's hair to one side as she did, grasping the blond waves at her neck and pulling her head back as Kara pushed the bowl away.

Kara moaned out loud, Cat reveling in hearing her name so desperately, and tightened her grip, stepping up against Kara to pull her body flush with the hero's. Cat brought her fingers up and ran her fingers through Kara's bedhead hair, down her cheek, and back to her jaw, pulling the young hero's face in for a kiss that Kara instantly leaned in for. Cat released her other hand from Kara's arm and slid it down her toned, strong waist and past her hips, pushing her hand in between Kara's legs and immediately into her soaking wet heat. The girl was so ready and wet, and Cat moaned against her mouth, pleased to find her without her panties.

"You dirty girl..." Cat murmured as she pushed three fingers deep into Kara, bringing a whimper from the girl's throat and making her kick her feet gently against the walls of the kitchen island counter. "Yes, that's right baby, come for me."

Cat continued for maybe two minutes, thrusting her fingers into Kara, making the girl whimper and whine for relief, and then she got there, falling over the edge of what Cat knew would be a strong orgasm. Cat brought her hand over Kara's mouth as she barely kept from screaming, barely managing to stay on the barstool as she bucked and kicked, denting the tableside with her feet in the process. Cat held her, hugging her close against her side as she panted wildly, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh god, Cat. Cat..." She whispered, panting wildly and grabbing Cat's fingers so she could lick them clean herself, sucking them into her mouth one by one, moaning at her own taste. Cat brought her fingers away from Kara's eager mouth and to her own mouth, licking at Kara's remaining fluids, enjoying the taste while she watched Kara drag the jar of honey closer and into her lap, digging two fingers in and licking up the sticky sugar.

"Let's go to bed, Supergirl, and we can see if we can up your average to ten."

Kara smiled and layed back against her girlfriend, looking up at her upside down. "Cat?" She laughed lightly, smiling.

"Hmm?" Cat asked, bringing her own finger of honey to her mouth.

"Can I have the last 3 slices of pie in the fridge first?"


Once again, I'm sorry. (backing away slowly, grinning, and hungry) I'm going to my own fridge now...

Between Salads And Cheeseburgers

a Supergirl fanfic for supercat week

by superkara


Summary: Cat schedules an interview with Supergirl, at her penthouse, and before Kara can leave, things get slightly heated. Kara is as stunned as she is pleased by the first kiss, and then next day soon discovers that Cat doesn't even suspect a connection between Kara and the superhero.

More interviews are scheduled, and Kara, knowing upon lunch orders whether Cat will be... eager for Supergirl or not, starts to expect, and look forward to, the meetings.

This is both awesome and terrible, and as much as Kara knows it isn't right, she can't stop, and keeps coming over at Cat's will, looking forward to seeing Cat taken down a notch, casual, and totally interested in only her.

It's fun to them both, and Kara is relishing the easy relationship, regardless of how much of every night is spent either asleep or fucking each other to sleep. As unconventional as it is, it is a relationship, and Cat doesn't know that she's well and truly fucking her assistant. Cat makes no mention of a connection, and seems happy. The last thing Kara wants to do is make her boss sad, so she continues this stupid charade, and indulges in it too.

As long as she can keep her secrets to herself, in either part of the day, what could go wrong? Until something does go wrong. Insanely wrong. Because in any game of chess, especially in games of love, someone has to eventually win. Read to find out what happens.

Category: F/F

Pairing: Cat Grant/Kara Danvers, Cat Grant/Supergirl

Rating: I say 18 + but make your own decision, I'm not awesome with ratings. This is an erotic story, so that's all I need to say. Sex, balcony sex!, yes! and some faint cursing. Slight mention, (indirect) of toys, so yeah. You have been warned. Enjoy.

This is my addition to supercat week, and was written in 17 hours, among three days. Let me know what you think. I know it's not awesome, but it's all I could pull off. I tried to keep this flirty and light, I had no intention of it going to something as bold as this, but once again, my imagination manages to exceed my powers of restraint. Enjoy.




"Keira!" Cat bellowed from her office much like a silver banshee that Kara had fought a couple weeks ago, but much, much less irritating.

"Yes, Ms Grant?" Kara asked, notepad at the ready is she walked into Cat's office.

"Get me a salad." She said, not looking up from her laptop.

"Any preferences today? Greek? Ceasar?"

"I don't particularly care, just make sure it has a cheeseburger on top."

"Sure thing Ms. Grant." Kara said with the barest hint of a grin tugging at her lips. This was a cheeseburger day. Kara was becoming quickly fond of cheeseburger days. Cheeseburger days meant that Cat was tired, and recently Cat had found an alternative to getting the kick she needed to stay awake. And no, it was not a cheeseburger. Or caffeine. It was Supergirl. Yes, these days, Kara was really becoming fond of cheeseburgers.

"Anything else, Ms. Grant?"

"See if Supergirl is available tonight. I have some questions I want to ask her."

"Yes, of course. I'll get right on it."

Interview my ass, Kara thought as she left. She doesn't want a damn interview. She wants me.


That night, Kara spent an extra minute in front of the mirror in her living room, staring at herself before leaving.

It's like a color wheel threw up... Kara remembered Cat's words with a smile. A color wheel indeed. And one Cat seemed fond of, if her moans were any indication.

The first time this had happened, Kara had been entirely shocked when said interview had progressed to being pinned to the balcony glass wall and being kissed like she'd never dreamed possible, by Cat freaking Grant, of all people.

Cat had literally thrown herself at Kara that night, physically and mentally, and Kara couldn't quite remember a happier moment in her life. It was safe to say Kara had thought about it, and having it happen, Kara had outright moaned at the kiss, and that, much to Cat's pleasure, had made Cat schedule another interview. The next time, much to Kara's happiness, hadn't ended with a kiss, regardless of how damn good the kiss was. It had... progressed to Cat's bed, and all of its massive 300 thread count silk sheets, which Kara had unintentionally ripped in the process of a very, very strong orgasm that Kara had had real difficulty in keeping silent, due to Carter's bedroom being a few doors away.

"I sincerely apologize for that." Cat had said after Kara had taken a few minutes to regain her breathing, comfortably nestled in Cat's arms, her suit still fully on, cape and all.

"Ms. Grant?" Kara had asked softly, looking at her directly, rising from her spot where she'd placed her head on Cat's shoulder. "I should be the one apologizing. For those blankets."

"I shouldn't have done that. Pushed you to do this with me. But, you didn't seem interested in stopping me, either. I'm sorry if any of this was against your wishes, Supergirl, but I've seen you look me over more than once. I think it's safe to say this is a mutual thing, as... unconventional as it is. You are so far out of my league it could be considered insanity, being who you are. But I can't stop thinking about you. You came back after that kiss, so I can safely assume that whatever we did here tonight is something we both want. Now for our... situation, I think it's safe to say we don't want this to... get out."

Kara had sat up and looked at Cat head on, understanding that Cat was quietly asking if Kara was up for a secret relationship. "I..."

"If anyone figures out I slept with Supergirl, my professional life will fall downhill crazy fast, and you... well I don't even want to think about that. I think our best option is to not do this at all, or to do it secretly."


"Supergirl." Cat had whispered, running fingertips over the crest of El on her chest, and then had pulled her in for another kiss. Ten minutes later Cat had moaned her name, twice, and begged her to stay the night, her orgasm still rippling through her, flushing her skin and making her look absolutely beautiful. Kara had smiled, wiping her lips on her sleeve, and kissed Cat again, already settling into her arms again, happily.

"Okay." She'd answered against Cat's lips, making the older woman smile and tug her closer, slipping her arm over Kara's waist even as she fell asleep. Kara meant it, and that one word counted as two answers. Yes, she felt the same and wanted Cat just the same, and yes, she'd stay for the night. Because being this close to Cat was a thrill in and of itself, and Kara loved Cat. Simple as that.


Kara woke far earlier than Cat, and after the half a second it took for her to realise where she was and why Cat was asleep, half naked, beside her, Kara noticed she was still wearing her suit, and sighed at the memories that instantly flooded her mind. For a minute, Kara let herself relax and look at Cat properly. Cat had, in her haste, left the balcony open last night, and the moonlight was streaming in, bathing Cat in white light. She was beautiful like this, at ease, nothing to think about, lost in her dreams.

Kara smiled and allowed herself the luxury of lying back down for a small moment, curling up next to Cat, wishing she could stay. Cat smelled wonderful right now, after last night, and Kara reveled in the scent that slipped into her senses. She felt so thoroughly relaxed and sated, like she'd rarely felt before, and everything seemed totally, completely perfect. But Kara knew she couldn't stay. Kara knew that for Cat to arrive at work for 8am, she'd have to be on the road by 7 or shortly after, so Kara had to go so that Cat would wake up alone and be able to get ready. Kara wasn't sure she could refuse if Cat decided to use her to get a perfect wake up, so Kara thought it best to leave now. She didn't exactly want Cat's son to find out that his mom had fucked Supergirl, either. At least not yet.

Reluctantly, Kara slipped out from beneath the soft sheets, and arranged her suit to make it acceptable for the flight she had to take home. Then she slipped silently downstairs and found a notepad and one of Cat's personal fountain pens. The last thing Kara wanted was for Cat to think she'd run, or ditched her after she'd fallen asleep. Kara simply noted down that she had somewhere to be, and that she hoped they could do this again sometime.

Going back upstairs she placed the folded note on Cat's nightstand along with a glass of ice water, and silently covered Cat to her shoulders with the sheets. Then Kara left, gently lifting off the balcony.


A few hours later, Kara stood by her desk, latte in hand as Cat walked in. Cat looked positively daring, and everyone noticed. Even Kara was surprised to see Cat like this. She was dressed exquisitely in a dark red suit, with grey running down the sides of her dress pants and edging her blazer.

Underneath, Kara noticed with a smirk, she wore a light blue blouse. Damn tease.

"Good morning Ms. Grant." Kara said, handing Cat her latte. Kara watched, and noticed, that Cat didn't even pause to look her over. Was it possible she still didn't know?

That could be good. The last thing Kara wanted was to get fired, and if Cat discovered she'd slept with her assistant, not just Supergirl, Kara was pretty sure that would be the outcome.


"Keira, what are my meetings like for today?"

"You have Smith at 11:30 and lunch with Elizabeth at 12:30. Then you're done until 3pm, when you have a 45 minute with photography."


"There isn't anything else on your schedule otherwise, would you like me to arrange you a massage, or is there something else I can set up for you?"

"Could you see if Supergirl is free tonight?" Cat asked in a clipped tone.

"Su... Supergirl?" Kara stammered.

"Yes, Keira. The hero of this city. We had a rather entertaining interview last night, and I would like to continue it, if possible."

Kara had to focus hard to maintain her composure and not falter. Cat knew nothing about their connection! She thought they were two different people!

"Of course, Ms. Grant. When would you like to see her?"

"I would prefer this evening at 7. I won't out her, and you can tell her that, so if she's willing, I'd like to meet her on the balcony here tonight."

"Sure, Ms. Grant. Will there be anything else?"

"Not for now. Get in touch with Supergirl, and let me know if she can make it. Otherwise, you're dismissed. You may go."

Kara smiled a bit as she left, giddy with excitement. Cat wanted to see her again. Tonight. Damn. Safe to say that Kara was feeling slightly proud, having Cat in such a state of... need. Clearly last night had been to Cat's satisfaction, and enjoyment.

But like most good addictions, and Cat was easily becoming addicted, problems always showed up sooner or later.


That night, at 7, when Kara landed on Catco's top balcony, she knew immediately what would come. Cat was waiting for her already, sipping at a glass of dark red wine. Hmmm. Fitting.

Kara smiled and settled down in front of Cat, waving dorkily. "Hello again. Your... assistant called. Said you requested my presence."

"Well, I didn't really request it to you. You have the right to bow out of this, and we both know what this is. I want you to be happy with this, with us, and if you aren't then you may stop it at any time. I hope you know that."

"Then why did you decide to meet me again? If you were unsure of how I felt?"

"Your little note last night told me that you probably are for this as much as I am. I'm happy to say the least, that my... forced close on you was not against your wishes."

"I could have stopped you if I had wanted to. I am superstrong."

"Yet... you didn't."

"Mmm." Kara agreed, smiling as she walked up to Cat and took her glass, setting it gently on the table. "Yeah. I didn't stop you. Best decision of my life." Kara finished, and brought her lips over Cat's gently, bringing her fingers into Cat's hair. Okay, so maybe Kara was enjoying this a little too much as well.

Cat immediately pushed her fingers into Kara's hair and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Cat moaned when Kara kissed her strongly and settled over her lap, the kiss growing quickly frantic as Kara relived last night, Cat's hands already on her hips, low on her short skirt.

"Oh... Supergirl. Why am I so addicted to you?" Cat asked, her hand already slipping past Kara's short skirt, finding the superhero wet and ready, eager, as she stared in Kara's deep blue eyes.

"Rush of power?" Kara supplied, teasing her fingers below Cat's light blue blouse, her fingers barely skimming soft skin.

"Hmm?" Cat asked softly, dipping two fingers into Kara, pushing her thumb against Kara's clit, drawing a soft moan from the hero's lips. Kara immediately arched into her touch, and Cat pulled her closer over her lap, feeling the scrape of Supergirl's red boots against her legs.

"Maybe knowing that I could hold power over you if I wanted to is what you're so into?"

"Or maybe it's you. Just... you." Cat said and thrust her fingers deep into the hero, feeling Supergirl's muscles clench strongly around her fingers. "Because you're oh so super, Supergirl?"

"Maybe. I do own that name because of you."

"Yes, you do. I named you. I think it's only fair that I stake my claim."

"Yes, yes I think you should." Kara said, then moaned as Cat's fingers thrust into her again.

You're happy, aren't you? You like this."

"Mmm." Kara agreed, smiling as Cat kissed her again.

Cat thrust her fingers quickly, kissing Supergirl as if she lived of it. Maybe after last night, she did. Cat felt Supergirl shift over her lap, muscles clenching frantically, and Cat had never been so pleased with Supergirl's heightened senses as she was now. Last night Cat had witnessed it for the first time, and now a delicious second time.

"Oh... Cat... Cat..."

Cat smiled at hearing her first name said so desperately, Supergirl's hips bucking over her hand as Cat buried three fingers deep inside her. Cat held Supergirl's hand in hers as the young hero panted against her neck, whimpering with every exhale. She was going to come, and Cat had only been touching her for maybe 5 minutes. Damn, this was sensitive on a whole new level.

"Cat! Cat, please..."

"I've got you. You're safe. Just let go." Cat held her tightly, hugging the now shaking girl close, and smiled as Supergirl shook and bucked in her lap, saying odd little things as a strong orgasm thundered through her. Cat felt her muscles clench over and over, and was stunned by the strength around her fingers. Cat kept pushing her, dragging out her orgasm, until Supergirl reached down and pushed at her arm, making her stop and lifting herself off of Cat's lap, hovering a little as she caught her breath, much to Cat's amusement.

"Still in control, are we?"

"Huh?" Kara asked, panting wildly, noticeably cooling the air around her with her breath even as she tried to regain control of it.

"You're still in control of your flight, I see. Well then I haven't completed my mission yet."

"Your mission?" Kara asked, settling onto Cat's lap gently again as her frantic heartbeat slowed.

"I want to make you lose control, Supergirl. I will make it happen, I swear I will." Cat said easily, running her hands up and down Supergirl's waist, marveling at the power hidden in her feminine frame. The girl was a tune fork on constant vibrate, lightning in a bottle, and right now, Cat wanted nothing more than to set that lightning free.

"That might be a bad idea, Cat. I... if I lose control, I work very hard to make sure I don't do that. you don't want to know what happens if I do. Well, you saw it when I was affected by that damned red Kryptonite. That was me... lost. I don't want to be lost."

"You won't be. You'll be with me."

Kara stared at her for a long moment, thinking, and then leaned over Cat, hovering just a little as she kissed her again, already slipping her fingers beneath Cat's belt, working it open quickly, singlehandedly. "Okay."


2 weeks later

Kara was destroying herself. Physically and mentally. This couldn't possibly continue. Cat was happy, clearly. She was breezing through work with a smile, even after meetings that even Kara would be tempted to yell through. But Cat was happy, and that was the point, Kara thought, of this whole damn mess. Supergirl was keeping Cat happy, and Kara was Supergirl. So Kara was keeping Cat happy, and as much as she thrilled in that, she knew she had to maintain a neutral expression even as Cat relayed her "meetings with Supergirl", with Kara.

It was lunch time, and Kara was intent to grab herself something inherently greasy as she walked into Cat's office to get her boss's lunch order. This was affecting her too, and even for a Kryptonian, especially for a Kryptonian, Noonan's poutine sounded heavenly in the form of carbs.

Most days now, Cat preferred cheeseburgers to salad, there was still the odd day were she preferred salad. Safe to say Kara was hoping for cheeseburger, and when Cat had returned from her meeting with finance after a lot of yelling and cursing, Kara had expected cheeseburger. Total, greasy, ready made, cheeseburger. And later on, sex. Hot blooded, sweaty, crazy loud sex. But no cheeseburger came. Rather, salad and a spinach wrap. Kara hated spinach wraps. Spinach wraps meant no Supergirl, and not casual late night cuddle with Cat. Kara hated spinach wraps. Period.

But turns out spinach wrap had been good, because Kara hated when she couldn't meet up to her boss's orders, and tonight, Kara was so fucking busy as Supergirl she wouldn't even have a second for her without having to run again. Okay, so maybe spinach wrap did have a small place in her heart after all.

Kara fought through her 5th metahuman in an hour and sighed as he hit the ground and didn't get up. She was ready for this to be over, she needed sleep. All that sex was getting to her, as well. Kara sighed and swept her hand through her messy gold hair, smiling and waving at people on the sidelines as kids screamed and cried happily for their hero.

Kara looked around and smiled at Winn and James in the audience. Kara smiled, embarrassed, and looked about for others she knew, then stopped when she saw Cat, standing there watching her curiously.

The air left Kara in a second, like a punch to the gut, and she stared back, unable to look away. She should look away, turn and leave, but she found herself immobile amid the destruction around her. In that second Kara knew, everything was over. Why? Because now Kara remembered, in her haste to be there to save Catco Plaza from a string of aliens, she may have changed into her suit, but she'd forgotten to remove her glasses.


Kara stared at Cat, looking at her head on, and could do nothing. Nothing she could do now would save her. No excuse came to her mind. Like a gust of wind, people dispersed, sensing tension in the air, and within a minute the two were well enough alone. Kara lowered her eyes and turned away, ready to walk out, knowing that first thing tomorrow, she'd probably be fired straight up.

"I thought heroes didn't lower their heads, ever. Isn't that a sign of defeat?"

"Shouldn't it be?" Kara asked softly, stopping but not turning back to face her boss.

"I... I'm sorry, Cat. I... I just wanted to keep you happy." Kara said in a small voice, removing her glasses to wipe at some stray tears. "I didn't want to hurt you, and Supergirl was making you happy. I knew it was wrong."

"Well, I wish you would have said something. This means that I've been serious with my assistant for the past 3 weeks. That's dangerous for Catco, if anyone finds out, and now, no doubt some people will."

"I'm sorry."

"But, you know what?" Cat asked, stepping up to Kara and taking one shaking hand in her own, bringing it to her lips for a little kiss.

"Hmm?" Kara asked, surprised.

"I don't particularly care."

"You don't?"

"I don't." Cat confirmed, reaching up to brush away another tear. "I have my own secrets, as many of you know, and one of them is that I'm in love with not only Supergirl, but Kara Danvers, too. I always have been," Cat said with a smile, taking Kara's glasses from her fingers and slipping them back on her face. "And I always will be." She finished, smiling at her hero. "Come on, Kara. Let's go home, and as soon as we tell Carter what the hell we've been doing at 2 am, he asked, then I can show you how much I'm into my assistant, as well as Supergirl."

Kara followed silently, her hand wedged tightly in Cat's, and she smiled as Cat traced tiny decorations on her hand. That one night, Cat had done it for hours. Kara wanted that again. Forever.


"Okay, but please Kara, lose the glasses."

Wordlessly Kara took them off and laid her head back on Cat's chest, discarding the glasses on the bed.

"I have something for you, anyways."

"Cat, I don't want anything. I have you, that's all I need."

"That's sweet. But I saw this the other day, and safe to say I was intrigued, considering it's gold, as well. I thought you might be interested."

Kara sat up, wearing only her cape and undergarments, and took the box gently, lifting off the lid. A second later, she blushed furiously, her cheeks turning as red as her cape.

"If you don't want it, I can always keep it for myself. But I don't know if you have any idea how pleasurable these can be. I would like to try it with you, Supergirl."

"Okay. Cat, thank you. That's a weird thing to say, but thank you."

"I just want to make you happy, you did that for me so simply." Cat said, moving the box aside and removing the contents. She laid it on the sheets and pushed Kara gently to lie back, smiling when Kara immediately complied and relaxed back against the pillows, her messy hair all over the pillow. She had such pretty hair, dark and gold all at once, creating a beautiful balance of colors.

"Maybe you should have a safe word, though."

"A safe word?"

"Just in case anything is too much for you, I'll know you want to stop for a bit. Just choose something you wouldn't normally say, and if you say it, I'll know you're getting close to your limit. If you feel like you're going to break and lose your control, tell me that and I'll stop."

Kara thought for a moment, then grinned, a little laugh bubbling up and escaping her as the truth of her words rung in her mind. "Cheeseburger."

End. (I told you it was bad. Raises hands, backs away...^-^)
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supergirl fanfic originally posted on tumblr. find me there too. Link available.

Supergirl Can Sing

A supercat fanfic by superkara

Rating: M

Category: F/F

Pairing: Cat Grant, Kara Danvers

I don't own supergirl or any of the songs mentioned here, though I just thought they fit too perfectly to discount.


She was singing again, and man, Kara could sing. Literally. Cat tried to ignore it yet again, and found she couldn't. She was in the shower again, before they went to work together, at Catco, and she was singing about cake and an ocean, and Cat was physically "suffering."

Did Kara have to be so damn perfect? Not that Cat wasn't pleased, she was. But Kara was so physically beautiful and perfect in every way it was drowning Cat. And she was a superhero. Cat couldn't discount that either. Cat sighed and set down her book, rising from her chair, and padded towards the bathroom in her Manolo heels. Cat removed her shoes and placed them by the door, stepping into the bathroom and reaching to her chest to remove her blouse immediately as she crossed the expansive bathroom to the shower, seeing Kara's shadowy silhouette against the curtains of the shower. Damn, the girl had no fault, and she wasn't even trying.

"Hey Cat, I thought you were done." Kara murmured as the song ended, clearly using her xray vision coz she didn't move the shower curtain one bit.

"I'll give you Cake By The Ocean, Kara ZorEl." Cat  grumbled when she shrugged the last of her clothes off, finishing a messy line of clothes through the bathroom, and stepped into the shower after her girlfriend. "Hi, Kit Kat!" Kara said, delightedly happy as cat closed in on her, and trapped the young hero in the corner of the shower with a soapy bath sponge. Cat kissed her eagerly, finally silencing the loud girl, and smiled at her minor victory of finally silencing Supergirl.

"We're gonna be late..." Cat murmured, smiling as she ran her hands over Kara's wet and soapy body, pushing her body right up against Kara's. Kara smiled her megawatt grin, reaching up to turn off the shower radio, but then another song began. This time is was Closer, by Tegan and Sara. Cat sighed as Kara gently pushed her against the wall under the hot spray of water, smiling as Kara leaned up against her, and kissed her neck, singing the first lyrics softly into her ear.

"Kara..." Cat said softly, her hands already in Kara's wet hair.  "My singing Supergirl..."

I'm sorry this is so ridiculously short. I just had a brainstorm at work and wrote this down quickly. Now I rather like it, so I'm keeping it this way. Put this in wherever you want, it doesn't much matter. Thanks.

I also can't believe I wrote something like this, thought about something like this, and kept my features so neutral that no one suspected me of doing anything other than texting. If only they knew...

Honestly... I could have kept writing, but thought it best to keep this at least mildly appropriate. Mildly. Just... mildly.

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Something to tide you over till Shutterstock (funny/mild supercat/mild sexual reference) Rating T+

This is a mini fic, designed purely out of frustration. I am now officially all for shipping Supercat, Winnara, Kalex, Karwinn, what else is there? I'm oddly satisfied with these now, and am happily writing all of them. My current obsession, and I don't say that lightly, is supercat. I got a brainstorm, and it's evolved into a very intense story.

Initially, I had planned a simple, clean cut, five chapter fanfic devoted to Kara and Cat, or in my ideas, Supergirl and Cat. I little fun, I know. (facepalm)

But, it's become something I want to write correctly. So I've decided to take a few more weeks with it, because I'm also doing a series of realistic portraits to go with it.

In the meantime, because I know I promised some supercat soon, I let my imagination live and thought up a tiny little story to tide you over until I get my photos on track and get my cosplay shots finished right up as well. This is mini, and I give no rating coz this is meant to be funny and nothing more. I say it is supercat, but it's very light, barely there, supercat. Enjoy. And I don't own supergirl or anything related.  Thank you, and please comment...^-^


Ping Pong, My Heart Is Gone...

A Supergirl Fanfiction


Kara had spent most of the afternoon idly moving between the balcony barbeque and the gaming center, because that was where Ms. Grant was, talking to colleagues and magazine reporters. Kara was her personal assistant tonight, more than just "assistant". Hmm. Tonight was about as boring as possible. Kara had no real work to do, as herself or as Supergirl, and had nothing to do. Besides eat. That, was always a good way to pass the time.

For the last hour, she'd been parked in a soft leather armchair, one plate of potato salad and an egg salad sandwich in her lap and another in her hand at her chest, filled with fruit and vegetables, and a cheeseburger. Beside her on a small table there was yet another plate with 2 scoops of ice cream and a fat slice of red velvet cake.

Kara watched the room from her spot, watching the games of tennis and soccer outside, and the random games inside, like ping pong and some sort of spin the bottle thingy. Kara had no interest in joining, for one because of her superpowers, and second, Kara was here for Ms. Grant. Not to play games. She was completely content to watch. Too bad it wouldn't stay that way.

"Keira... what are you doing?" Ms. Grant asked right then, walking over to Kara, carrying her own plate of fruit.

"Um... eating?"

"I can see that. God you have a huge appetite. How can you even finish that?"

"You'd be surprised, Ms. Grant."

"Yes I would be." Cat said, grinning. Kara was beyond adorable when she did this. Cat smiled, half to herself, and gently eased Kara's plate out of her hands and placed it on the table beside the cake plate. Cat knew exactly where such an appetite came from. Despite the perfectly twisted up hair and the nerdy glasses, Cat had long ago found out Kara's secret. But it was plenty fun like this, watching her stumble to hide it. "You're coming with me."

"Ms. Grant?" Kara asked, getting up after setting aside her second plate.

"I've been pulled into a ridiculous ping pong championship in the other room, you're my second assist to win."

"I... no, Ms. Grant. I can't." Kara stumbled, trying to avoid this mess. She didn't play ping pong. Or any pong of any sort. Her strength forbid it. She couldn't risk it.


"Um..." Kara hedged... unsure. "I... I'm terrible at it. I always lose."

"I doubt that." Cat said in her usual clipped tone, grabbing Kara's fingers in her own gently, leading her across the room.

"Where's Winn? He's good at that game." Kara asked, fully aware of the soft warm grip Cat had on her hand.

"He's not going to win for me, though. You are, Kara."

This stopped the young hero. Dead in her tracks. Cat had said her name correctly. For the first time. Ever. "Ms. Grant. You... you just..."

"Grab a paddle, Kara." Cat said, handing her a white and silver one, before grabbing a gold one for herself. "Help me win this, and I'll promote you."


"You heard me." Cat said, taking up residence at the biggest table, grinning at Kara as she shuffled up beside her.

"You can't do that, Ms. Grant."

"I can do what I want. That's why I'm the queen of all media. Now come on. Shrug off that cardigan and show me what you've got."

Whether Kara saw the flirtatious hints, Cat couldn't be sure. But she did as told, slipping off her white cardigan and revealing a sleek shift dress in an elecric blue that matched her eyes. Holy hell. That dress fit her like a glove, not at all hiding her figure and the muscles hidden in her arms. Super-girl. Really.

"Do you like what you see?" Kara asked casually, adjusting her dress at the shoulders.

Cat stayed silent and focused on the opposite side of the table as her competitor fired up the first ball at Cat. For maybe twenty minutes Cat and Kara played, and Cat knew her assistant was hiding her powers. Or trying to. She was succeeding, but to Cat, it was more than obvious.

Right now, thanks in full to Kara and her little superball fires on occasion, they were holding even, but there was only a minute left in this game, and Cat was silently hoping that Kara would do some little super trick and win this.  Cat saw it in her eyes. She was gearing up even as she easily fought with the girl across from her.

The girl struck the plastic ball hard, determined to fool Kara and gain them a winning point. Kara saw the force of her serve, though, her quick eyes catching it immediately, and hit the ball so hard it left a tiny dent in her paddle and the table as it bounced, then hit a flowerpot behind her opponent so hard the ball broke and a loud bang echoed through the room, shocking almost everyone.

Cat was given the win, and she pulled Kara to her side, hugging the young hero to her tightly. Kara gasped but allowed it, and twirled the paddle in her fingers nimbly before letting it drop to the table. She loved a good win as much as Ca did, and smiled slyly at her opponent, who was practically smoking, she was so mad.

"All in a day's work." Kara said easily, clearly proud.

"Ah, not yet. The gala might be ending and we are leaving, but the day isn't over yet," Cat paused to glance around them as she picked up Kara's cardigan and led them to the stairs, her arm protectively around Kara's waist. "Supergirl."

"You... I'm not... what?"

"Relax, I won't out you. But... I do plan to thank you, if you'll let me."

"Thank me?"

"Mmm. Yeah Kara. I plan to thank you for winning that for me. And unless I've seriously mistaken this situation, I think you'll rather enjoy it."

"I will?" She asked, confused as they walked outside together. She felt Cat's fingers tighten on her waist just slightly, then slip lower on her hip, teasing the hem of her short dress, her fingers skating barely over Kara's leg. "Oh..." Kara said to no one besides herself as the answer dawned on her. Immediately she blushed, embarrassed that she was actually turned on by the idea of Cat... and her... oh god this was bad. But so damned true. She swallowed, knowing this was a line she'd promised herself she would not cross. But here they were.

"Mmm. Yeah that's right. But there's only one problem with that. You're my assistant, and that's just wrong."

"Right." Kara said, willing Cat to drop the subject and take her wherever the hell she wanted. Please... Cat...

"But there's a way out of that dilemma."

"How...?" Kara hedged, hoping.

"I'd like to see that suit more closely, if you're willing. I hear it's quite pretty..."

"Okay." Kara said after a long moment as they stood on the sidewalk, away from other people. From so many eyes and cameras. "Okay, I'll show you."



What do you think? I wrote this in like, an hour. So there. Hope it tides you over till SHUTTERSTOCK. Okay, love you guys, as usual. Comment, and thanks.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

updates from the world of blue, red, and gold. And pink. And black..... a weird color wheel for me.

So hello. Updating my blog, and apologizing for not posting pics yet. I have them, but after a recently discovered Supergirl fanfic, I thought it would be oddly funny, and stupid, if I brought my own pictures into my own, since my story will have a photoshoot in it. Good? Bad? Let me know. Anyway, thats the reason. So its coming. Soon. Days. Maybe a week. I'll be doing art as well, so let's hope I can do this.

In other notes, this story is full on Supercat. If you don't know what that is, I treaten you to look it up, because when I discovered this was a fandom, I laughed my head off and used all my browser data on reading every single fanfic that there was on it. Every one. They're wonderful, despite being kinda unconventional. So if anything within Supercat and it's realm offends you, please, don't read this, because I will be making mine, read (SHUTTERSTOCK), explicit. A bit. But I hope you read it. And comment. Maybe a weeks time, so check back. Thanks guys. Again, any ideas welcome.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Love of Supergirl tv series is getting intense now. Watched the finally last night. Love this series a bit too much. Lol. Fun times. I have the comic books too. What do you say to my cosplay? Places to improve........

I'm officially addicted

Supergirl cosplay almost done. Rush rush... we're almost there!
What do you think so far?