Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hey Saint Tail fans!!!

It's May again! Which can only mean one thing... you know it... Otafest!!!

This year, the festival is bringing in plenty of new fun stuff, so no doubt I'll be quite occupied. There's even a 50 shades reading. LOL. It's gonna be a big year.

This year I have also done the utmost to make my cosplay perfect. This consisted of endless alterations, tightening, loosening, hair fixes and trims, wicked, sexy eye makeup, and who would Saint Tail be without a brand spanking new pair of yet again higher, now sparkly stiletto heels.

I wanted to be there all weekend and join in the contest, but alas, that cannot be. Stuff came up, and so this dream will sadly have to wait until next time. Oh well, its only 365 days away, right?

But on the bright side, weather woes aside, Otafest will be plenty fun. I certainly cannot wait for Saturday, and to show my excitement, I have written a comic con fanfic. Yes, you read right. Saint Tail and the Comic con. No it's not me.

Stupid idea? Great idea? You decide. Me personally? I think it's a pretty dumb piece. Just sayin.

Read at your own peril! Seriously, its bad. Bad!

Stay tuned for pics, after Saturday, and now, lets turn off the lights, put up the police tape, and get ready to have your heart stolen, because Saint Tail is back in town. Haha!

So this is a silly little Saint Tail fanfic. Doesn't mean anything except that I once again stumbled upon a stupid idea that sat in my head for a while. I wrote this in like, a day coz I wanted something for Otafest, to go along with my pictures. Once again, Otafest is here, so that's why theres a comic con in this silly thing. Now if you like it, don't like it, love it, or flat out hate it, let me know. ^-^ Really. Haters feel free to make yourself known.

But I do hope you will like the pics I'll post soon. I'm trying guys, but Saint Tail is a tough character to cosplay. Any ideas let me know. Thx Saint Tail fans, and I hate saying this but I must still, I do not, DO NOT, own Saint Tail. Thx.





How had this happened? She was caught. It made no sense. This didn't happen. Not to Saint Tail. And yet, it had. He had caught her, his job was done. She didn't struggle, there wasn't a use to struggle. He held her wrists tight against the hollow of her back, keeping her close as he spoke on his phone. She didn't listen in, didn't care. This was her fate, after all. She didn't even listen to the music of the party going on around them. Below them. The annual comic con was here, well, one of them, and Saint Tail had taken a chance, believing she wouldn't get caught since so many girls dressed up as Saint Tail to something like this. She had no idea why, but she was popular.

It had worked for a while, sure, and Asuka Jr. had tried to catch a couple girls only to be mistaken in his choice. It was funny. Very. But she'd become careless, even stopping to act likea con goer and enjoy the vendors and its endless items for sale, and then she'd gone to the balcony to leave, to watch from the top for a moment or two still, and he'd caught her. At least no one saw the scene unfolding up here, as they were all busy with their bags and costumes and partying.

But what of her hopes? Her wishes? What of all her friends and Asuka Jr.? She knew they were foolish hopes, foolish wishes. But how could she ignore the obvious attraction that she felt whenever she was close to him? She glanced at the tented and open air party beneath, and saw Seira trying to convince someone on selling her something for much less than the asking price, noticed Ryoko and Kyoko battling over who has the better catwoman outfit, and saw Sawatari spatting with security over whether or not cameras were allowed.

Asuka Jr. said something strongly into the phone, tightening his strong hand holding her thin wrists, and god it felt so damn good. It didn't hurt. Even though his hold was strong and powerful, to make sure she would stay, it was gentle all the same. It felt nice. A touch that showed he cared, despite their situation. Despite the fact that they actually couldn't ever have a real relationship. Still, the strong but caring touch made her fight back tears. She knew they couldn't be, she knew it was foolish to even hope for such a thing, so why had she?

Because she couldn't help herself. She loved him too much. Her crush on him had never faded, merely grown. And now that she was a few weeks away from turning 21, and he'd recently turned twenty, there was no escaping it. She was grown up, as was he, and that made it so much stronger. She wanted him, she knew she shouldn't, but she did, and right now, with his hold on her wrists like this, fuck, it just made the moment burn so hot.

"Saint Tail?"

"Hmm? I'm sorry. What did you say?" She asked, shaking her head to clear away her wicked thoughts. She turned toward him and kept her face down, hiding her eyes behind her thick bangs. He hadn't looked at her face yet, so far at least, but she had no doubt in her mind that he knew her secret already. Of course he did. Their spats were different now. They weren't so intense. And when she fought about Saint Tail with him, wherever it happened, he didn't seem to get so uptight about it. He let it slide, most of the time. No doubt, he knew.

"I said that I need to have you arrested. I'm asking if you'll come quietly."

"It's the proper thing to do, arrest me. It's what needs to happen. Will I come quietly? No. I can't. I'm sorry."

"I didn't expect you to. I know that you'll fight to stay free as a dove, even though now that won't happen."

"I could escape you even now, you do realise that, right?" She asked, her voice teasing.

"Really? I doubt it." He teased back. She could hear the smile he spoke with. When he tightened his hold on her wrist now, then one he still held onto, she couldn't help her own little grin. This was fun.

"Wanna see me try?"

"You wouldn't make it. We're older now. I can catch you so easily."

"Yeah. Once in a blue moon, you get a finger on me."

"Try your best."

At that, she smiled. Really smiled. They had a few minutes before the police would get here. She doubted she could escape now, but one more little battle wouldn't hurt. A simple memory, it would be. For them both.

She moved quickly, intensely. It shocked him to the point where he lost his hold on her for a second. She twisted herself away from him, slipping her delicate hand out of his, and took off quietly, her heels clicking softly on the floor. He took after her with a cry of her name, and grasped her around her waist, pinning her against the bridge railing roughly, pressing his body against hers, keeping her caught between him and the thin metal railing.

"Fuck." She groaned, giving it a light slap with her closed fist.

"I love it when you use your bad mouth."

"Do you now?"

"It's kinda hot."

Before she could even formulate a response to that, even think those words through a little more, he twisted her to face him, glad she was his height due to her heels, and locked his mouth onto hers before she could say a word.

Shocked, Saint Tail just froze, just felt. The warmth of his lips over hers, the softness, it felt... good. Really good. Without thought, her brain willed her to kiss back, so she did. Her hands went up his arms, over his shoulders and into his hair. She pushed, rewarded when he grinned against her lips. He pushed at her waist gently, and her body moved of its own volition, backing up against the railing. Hard.

He basically slammed her against it, frantic to get more of her now all eager mouth and her unique flavor. He grasped her arms from around his neck and pinned them behind her back, holding them together. She moaned against his lips when he stepped as close as he could, squishing her between the railing and him. At last, he needed to breathe and broke away from her lips, though he didn't want to. He kept her hands tight in his still, just breathing. He saw her panting, looking up at the few stars peeking out through the cloudy night sky. He was all too aware of the people beneath them, that anyone who looked up now could easily see them.

"Asuka?" She asked after a long moment of trying to calm her breathing.


"You're an ass, do you know that?"

"I have been informed." He laughed. "But please, explain."

"Well, what did you kiss me for? Now you need to have me arrested, and we're both going to suffer. Thanks handsome, you just made the situation so much worse."

"And you're clueless baby girl. Do you really think if I kissed you like that I'm still going to let them take you away from me?"

"So... I'm not getting arrested?"

"Not if I can help it. But you better get out of here before the police get here. Now you know, now we both know, and we can work this out." He said, letting go of her hands.

"Are... you suggesting we have a secret relationship? You bad boy?" She asked, faking shock.

"Is there any other way for you and me to experience a kiss like that again in public?"

"Yes, actually. I think we should tell them all. Make it public. To make it a secret relationship makes it so so much harder, and sillier. Why don't we go down there and just shock everybody?"

"I don't know. What if they don't accept this? What will my dad think?"

"Let him think what he wants. It's not his relationship. It's yours. What do you want?"

"You. I want you." He said, grasping her hips and holding her close to him in the cold rain.

"Let's enjoy the con, see who notices us. Let your father find us."

"Are you certain? He could be hell bent on arresting you if he finds you stealing my kisses. And not to mention my heart."

"So what? I want you. You want me. It's been that way for years. You can't ignore the lust between you and Saint Tail, and I can't ignore it either. I'm not certain about you, but I don't want to ignore it. And besides, he can't catch me. He's no better than you. So, you up for it? Interested in playing a little fun game?"

"Let's have fun."

Asuka Jr. slipped his fingers over hers and brushed a kiss over her lips before stepping back and pulling her gently along behind him. His phone rang, and he grabbed it, picking up the call as he tugged her through the dark to another bridge crossing over the con.

"Yes, I've got her in my arms right now." He said into his cell, stopping at the edge of the lowest bridge and tugging her roughly against him, hugging her hips tight against his so she could feel everything. "Nope. I'm not going to let her go." He said to his father, then put the phone behind his back and whispered "ever" into her ear, which made her blush and look down at the party beneath instead of at him. No one seemed to see them, not yet. She smiled at the thought, turning out of his arms and walking to the railing, bending over to look down at the party. At the thousands of Seika City people laughing at buying stuff they couldn't leave without. She saw somebody hand over 6 50 dollar bills and accept his new gaming system. A lot of cash for a simple product that could probably be gotten for less on a website.

Saint Tail shook her head with a smile. She loved this comic con. All of them. They were so much fun. And so terrible for your wallet.

"Coming with me?" She asked, turning towards him and leaning back against the railing.

"Huh? The stairs are..." He said slowly, pointing with his finger.

"No stairs, handsome. Come." She said, holding out her hand for his. He carefully took it, not entirely sure he was making the right decision as he walked up to her side and looked over the railing. Then he saw what she was thinking. Despite the rain, there was a pool open and active beneath them, warm and heated. They were wet already, so why shouldn't they jump? Two people leapt in from a higher railing, so why couldn't they? The warmth would feel good. The pool was part of the con, it was allowed, it was a warm night. So why weren't they already leaping for it? He was scared. Scared crazy. He'd never done such a thing. Ever. Too bad for him, because she had, and it was plenty fun.

She stepped over the railing onto the little platform for jumping and pushed his jacket over his shoulders and down his arms. Before he could comment she threw it down onto the tile beside the pool, making a few people glance up at them.

"There, now you've got to go get it."

"Very funny."

"Come on already!"

Asuka Jr. had no time to protest. She grabbed his arms and took a step to the edge of the railing. Quickly she reached down and slipped off her stiletto heels. Now she was slightly shorter than him. She held her shoes in one hand, took his fingers in her other, and leaped from the plank, tugging him with her. He stumbled behind her, not sure at all about the idea of leaping of a wood plank 8 feet in the air, but her weight pulled him off of it, and they fell. It was a stupidly silly landing, the water splashing everywhere. It wasn't exactly graceful or at all romantic, but the heated water as they fell into it felt great.

They came up sputtering and laughing. Asuka Jr. rubbed the water from his eyes and looked at her, then laughed. She looked ridiculous. Ridiculously cute, too. Her hair was stuck to her forehead even more than before, wet thoroughly.

"Yeah, you look great too. Thank you."

"I'm sorry. But I didn't see this happening when I left house at 6 tonight, you know. I didn't see myself catching you and jumping off a railing into a pool with you either."

"Yeah me neither."

"Well, let's keep it going then. But I need to get out of this water. Join me under an umbrella?"

She followed silently, not exactly a good swimmer in her costume. Asuka Jr. sat down on a ledge partly covered by water and pulled her up beside him. Yeah, now people were staring. It was Saint Tail. That was a shock.

Asuka Jr. grabbed a towel off a pile that sat beside them on a tabletop and wrapped it around her tightly, holding her shoulders tight. She lifted her hand and brought her ponytail over her shoulder. She twisted it gently, holding the flaming strands tightly, trying to get some of the water out. Asuka Jr. took another towel and wrapped it around her hair, drying it as best he could. For a while they sat together, just happy in each other's company. Ever so often, Asuka Jr. leaned in and kissed her quickly, keeping everything light and chaste, though they both knew had they been alone here, things wouldn't be like this. There was more to this, much more.

They stayed around for a long while, almost everybody stopping to stare for a moment before moving on. Now the pool was empty. One other couple sat in the opposite corner, making out, and Asuka Jr. had basically thought that if that couple was okay with it, why shouldn't he be?

It didn't take long, soon they were quite happy with one another, kissing and touching, and he couldn't be happier. She wasn't anything below what he had fantasized about. She kissed so nice, her body felt so good. He didn't care that people were staring. It didn't matter. Not now. Everything was perfect. until Asuka Jr. heard his name called, looked up, and saw the one person who he really didn't want to see.


wait for part 2. Silly silly saint Tail.