Friday, 26 September 2014

saint tail

I just found out how much more Saint Tail stuff is popping up for sale all over the place. I'm altering my cosplay again. I have the weekend off, and so I'm lounging around in a pink skirt and a sleeveless tuxedo, spending money on saint tail collectibles. I just recieved the pencil cases in the mail, and a beautiful set of colored pencils inscribed with none other than saint tail herself and her signature name in the classic style. These are in mint condition! Along with the box that has not one scratch!

Unfortunately, I will not be attending the November mini otafest. I just dont have the time right now. But next may I will make a picnic and spend all day long there. from opening to ending. Maybe even all weekend. I wonder if saint tail will be there, other than me... the world has enough time, with saint tail releasing in november, it would be and appropriate thing to see a couple saint tail things floating around in may, no? I wonder if i'll meet another saint tail? Am I acting a little overboard???

Maybe, but i dont care. I'll be posting pics in a day or two. Let's just say, I have a free from work weekend, and i have an idea.

Saint Tail

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Exiting news! Seriously! Is this true???!

Hey Saint Tail fans! Are the rumors true?!

I was basically boring my way through online fanfiction. You know me well enough by now, I was looking for fresh new fanfiction, (other than mine^-^)! Couldn't find any, but found a silent rumor, why have I not been alerted to this news?, that a Saint Tail blu ray boxed set has been sceduled for a release of November 27th in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this for real?????????!!!

if so, can anyone give me an approx. price???

A lot, surely, but certainly not the acclaimed 600 that I found a link to, right? I certainly can't afford that, but I will not go without this set! I need to have it! If this is infact truth, when will it be released in North America, approximately, do you think? I truly cannot wait now!

OMG, Saint Tail is coming back!

P.S. do you think it'll be sold here? I saw listings for 700 and 600 and 490. Please tell me its less than that!!!

Saint Tail. (Desperately waiting in my cosplay, sleeping in my pink cotton candy skirt!!!)