Monday, 19 May 2014

Hey, thanks to sakura 84 for comments! Nope, I'm not shy, jut needed a better opportunity for pictures! Now I had one. Thanks a bunch. I'm glad I have a fan like you! Saint Tail.
May 17th, 2014. Otafest is here!

This was hilarious, and amazing. What can I say... for once it wasn't cold, it wasn't raining, even though the forecast predicted it, and we had so much fun. If we could, I would have spent all weekend there, and seen the contest, but we can't do that... yet. I will do that soon though. One year soon for sure!

 It was fun. So fun. Only the Amv room we couldn't get into because the line was unbelievable. Like through the hall. I'd guess there were probably 100 people waiting to see this show. We saw a different show, some crossplay pageant, but left soon after arriving. It just wasn't fun to see.

The vendors room had us waiting for a good hour to get in. They were leting maybe 50 people in, the we waited, then more, and more waiting. It was a long wait.

But, hey, it was fun for the few hours we were there, and I doubt that there will be a year where I'm not there.

Saint Tail


I love the wind in this pic. This turned out great. Creates some motion. I forgot to remove my glasses!!!
This guy was litterally a clock. The clock actually worked! He had trouble getting through the door though. He barely fit, which makes me think he measured the doors...
So... so busy!
This was a complete accident. I don't know how that occured but it looks great. I know none of those people, but I really think we look like an army of cosplayers now!
This guy knew Saint Tail! He wanted a picture, as many people did, and actually was happy to get one. Seems he knew the series well.
Sure wish I wasn't wearing that damn wristband! It ruins the image! But, I like what the wind is doing. It's perfect.
Again, the wind looks great!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Friday, April 25th, 2014.


Fun, creative, and very, very magical.

All of this was a couple hours at the Calgary Expo.

We picked a quiet Friday afternoon to go, because we knew all too well that Saturday would probably turn into a wild zoo. So Friday it was, and what a good Friday it turned out to be. It was a cold, slightly wet day, but all in all very nice day to dress up and spend a couple hours at a fun convention.

Parking wasn't too big of an issue strangely, but the walk to the building was. We followed the crowd of people thinking 'surely they know where to go' and got ourselves lost by following them, so we had to turn back, and by that time the cold had set in. But once we got into the heat of the building, the cold was forgotten.

The warmth felt wonderful, and the laughter inside showcased it. There were plenty of people, mostly in costume, and some of the costumes were quite well done. Everything from The Secret World of Arietty and Castle in the Sky to Wonder Woman and Superman walked around, searching for all kinds of treasure to buy. I was personally on the hunt for anything from the Slayers, since I love that show and finding Saint Tail at a convention in any other form than my cosplay is pretty damn rare and practically nonexistent.

Part of me wants to do a Slayers cosplay, but that would be tough to make. If anyone has ideas, feel free to share them. I'd love to hear them. But until I figure out a way to make a Lina Inverse cosplay comfortable, Saint Tail it'll be. And besides, Saint Tail will always be my fave anime.

The heels shown in my last post were the ones I took to the expo, and that's the only thing that's a mess with that outfit. Why did Saint Tail have to wear stiletto heels? It made no sense, what with her always on somebody's roof. The shoes, after a while, hurt really badly.

But hey, that's the price you pay to be the perfect character right? You go all out to resemble a character, and it paid off. One person stopped me just as we were ready to leave, and asked for a picture. I gladly let him take it, and he was, unless I'm mistaken, dressed as Detective Asuka Daiki. I really think that was it. He knew the show, and was happy to see another big fan, as was I, so in my mind, all was worth it.

Now, I did have some pics taken at home after the convention, but not many since it was really, really, I mean really freaking cold. So I promised to reveal my cosplay, so here are pics taken immediately after the expo, and some this morning. I wanted to play with them in photoshop first, but I can't do anymore than I've done already.

Otafest is coming as well, in a week, so if I go, and I think I will, more pics are on the way.

Thanks Saint Tail fans, and just so you know, you rock!

The Calgary Expo... among other things.

This might or might not appeal. I think its okay.
This is cool. I'm not sure why, but I absolutey adore this one.