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Love is Magic 2

Love is Magic 2

(for better or for worse)

"Saint Tail, sweetheart."Asuka Jr. said, trying not to cry, still trying to stop the bleeding from her severe cut.

"It's okay, I'm happy now." Saint Tail whispered weakly into his ear, trying to comfort him, and then whispered softly the words that, even unspoken, had bound them together from the start. "I love you."

That was all she said. Asuka Jr.'s father and a few officers were watching from the police cars nearby. Now they saw just how he felt about her, and the sympathy they felt for him went far beyond words. He held her tightly, supporting her, because he could still feel her kiss on his lips, and now that he knew he'd never feel it again, it burned fiercely against his skin. For the longest moment, he just held her, not wanting to let go. For him, it was as if time had stilled, it was just them, but no longer her.

After a long while, he understood that he'd have to let go, though he knew that he never truly would. She was his angel, the one bright spot in his life. When his father came to take her, Asuka Jr. let go of her, but had to use all of his strength not to pull her back into his arms and hold her tightly. She was so beautiful, perfect in every way, even now. For a long time after that he just sat there on a bench, in the darkness of the night, thinking, sorting through thoughts. Feeling around in his pocket, he pulled out her latest warning note, looked at it for a moment, memorizing it, and then crushed it in his hand. Somehow, he wanted to cry over the loss of her, and was willing to do so, but for some reason that was beyond him, he couldn't do it.

When the arrangements were made, and everything was being planned, Asuka Jr. couldn't decide on his own feelings toward her. If he went along to plan everything, he would be torturing himself, to see a picture of her would shatter him all over again. And if he didn't, if she was watching from somewhere in heaven, she would be angry. She would get flustered and stomp off, annoyed with him over something he didn't know he'd done. So he helped with it, paying special attention to the choice of flowers. He made it very clear that he knew all too well that her favourite flower was always a pink rose.

She would comment on the beauty of it, and later bug him about the cost of something so extravagant. This he knew for sure, as he looked at the room. Roses flowed off everything, petals laid everywhere, and ribbons curled around her beloved top hat and wand. It really was a sight to see, but as Asuka Jr. had said, "Nothing is too much for Saint Tail."

Everything went off as planned, people who knew her as Meimi said goodbye, as well as the few people who knew her as Saint Tail. It was a shock as well as a tragedy. Asuka Jr. had even insisted that she stay in her costume, for that was the outfit that she was most fond of. When he went up to her, he didn't have a flower for her, like everyone else did, he had something that he meant to give to her in private, but now wanted her to have it forever. Somehow he knew that she would have said yes.

He softly, gently slipped the engagement ring onto her finger as a tear escaped from his eye and landed on her cheek. It was so sad, he never thought he would have to say goodbye to Saint Tail. He'd never imagined that, he'd never wanted to.

To his complete surprise, she stirred. A soft sound escaped her and her lips parted slightly. It was a barely audible sound, but he understood her well enough to know exactly what it had meant. Slowly, he bent down to kiss her. Everyone thought he was crazy and was about to shout or in some cases scream as he placed his lips on top of hers. It was only when she moaned softly against his mouth that everyone went speechless. Her father was a magician but this was something even he believed was beyond possible. It actually looked like his kiss had brought her back to life.

She reached up slowly to wind her fingers into his hair and pull his face down, closer to hers. Shocked gasps came from everyone in the room when she murmured something inaudible into his ear and he carefully picked her up and carried her away, neatly leaving everyone staring in amazement.

"W... where are you going...?" Someone managed to ask, getting her voice to work.

"She wants to say she's sorry for leaving." Asuka Jr. softly responded and carried her away.

The truth was that his kiss had held so much emotion that her soul had fed on it and brought her back. She was still weak but somehow knew exactly what she needed to recover. She needed him.

Beautiful World

Note: I don't own the song. I just thought it fit perfectly with the idea for this super short fanfiction. I also don't own this beautiful series.
I just want to say that Megumi Tachikawa did an excellent job when she came up with Saint Tail. It will always be my favourite anime. So thank you, you and your beautiful characters inspire me every day to chase after my dream. I will become a magician just like Saint Tail. (Well, without the thievery. Hah!)
And I know she's only an anime character, and that she's not real, but to me, sometimes it feels as if she is. Maybe I'm crazy, but when I was sick, it truly felt like she was by my side, like a guardian angel almost. Holding me up and telling me to keep walking. So, in a way, I say thank you to Saint Tail as well, and to that cute detective. He's made me laugh, cry, and, well, he's been in my dreams also, so thanks.
This fanfiction is dedicated to Saint Tail and Daiki Asuka Jr.  (You two belong together.)

Strawberry lips, shining in the summer sun
Canary temps, glowing there for everyone
You fell asleep under the cherry tree...

Asuka Jr. was walking home through the park, annoyed that Saint Tail had escaped again, when he noticed a flash of pink that he recognized all too well. A small gasp escaped him when he saw Saint Tail sleeping peacefully in the grass at the base of the tree of happiness.
Slowly walking up to her side he noticed a pin lying in her open palm and an engraving on the tree a few feet above her. "I love you forever." S+D
Smiling, he took the pin from her hand, engraved a sentence of his own under hers, placed the pin in his pocket, and as gently as possible, picked up the sleeping little thief and carried her home.
Your winter skin warming in the summer sun
We know within you will stay forever young
You fell asleep under the solid sea... the stars awakened.

Quietly sneaking in through the garage to a quiet house, her parents asleep, he carried her upstairs and softly laid her down into her bed. Pulling the baby pink blanket up to her shoulders he knelt down beside her and smiled. She was so beautiful, her shiny orange hair falling over her cheeks and over her closed eyelids, her lips slightly parted. Suddenly she made a soft noise and buried her face into the pillow, dreaming of something.
"Daiki..." She whispered softly, clenching her hand and straightening her legs under the soft cotton sheets. "Daiki I'm coming."
He smiled a forced back a chuckle. She was dreaming about him. Pulling the pin out of his pocket, he placed it on her nightstand, beside her diary, and got up. Leaving the door slightly opened for the small brown hedgehog, he carefully made his way back downstairs and left the way he'd come.
Smiling, he walked home thinking about her. She was Meimi,  he saw that in her face now, they were a perfect match. And it made him very happy to know that the girl he was madly in love with at school was also the thief he couldn't get out his head. Still seeing the image of the engravings they had left in the tree, he knew if there really was such a thing as magic, they would be together one day.
Though as he thought about it, he started to think, it wasn't magic that would bring them together, it was her. Because for some reason he couldn't comprehend, he suddenly believed that she was more than just a magician, she was magic.

"I love you forever." S+D
"We will always be together as one, we are magic."
Daiki and Kaito Saint Tail