Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love is Magic

Love Is Magic

Saint Tail had been running along the roofs of 8th avenue with Asuka Jr. racing on the sidewalk below her. With one wrong step she had fallen from the roof. The drainpipe had made her blackout and when Asuka Jr. had caught her he had been so enthusiastic and happy. Until he found she had no pulse…

His heart had stopped as he crushed his unconscious thief to his chest. He couldn’t make sense of this, it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be true. Her hand was cold, she wasn’t moving, but he wouldn’t believe what his mind was pointing out to him. This wasn’t over, it wouldn’t end like this, it couldn’t end like this.

Asuka Jr.'s father had found him sitting on a wooden bench with the petite little girl limp in his arms when he arrived a few minutes later, only to be met with a with a son that had lost all his hope.

"Please dad, tell me I’ve got this wrong."

He didn’t have it wrong. He had captured her when it was too late. If only he had held on to her hand last Monday… they would have been in love now. He would have been in his bed kissing her, loving her, but he let her go… and now it was too late. She was lifeless in his hands and he couldn’t, wouldn’t grasp that it was too late.

The ambulance came and even when they told him that it was over he wouldn’t believe them. They took her to the hospital, even though they knew it wouldn’t do anything. Asuka Jr. didn’t let go of her, he cradled her in his arms even as the doctor and the paramedics told him to put her down on the white bed they were beside.

He wouldn’t let go of her. Something told him it couldn’t be true. She couldn’t be gone.

He saw something in her beauty, even as she lay lifeless in his arms, that he saw in no one else. It told him now more strongly than ever that they were meant to be together, and if he let someone take her out of his arms they would be taking his life and soul with them. She was the only reason, the only reason he got up in the morning, hoping to find another warning note, hoping to see her again, just for a second. She was the only thing that kept him going, if he lost her, he'd lose himself as well. He couldn't imagine a world where Saint Tail wasn't involved, and for that reason alone, he held on to her, and wouldn't let anyone take her away.

It was past 2:00 am and everyone that was with them: her friends, her parents, Asuka Keiji, the paramedics, the doctor, and the police force had left. It was dark, the only illumination was a reading lamp on a table across the room from them where a nurse was doing paperwork on her night shift.

Asuka Jr. gently shifted her in his arms and kissed her softly, a tear landing on her pale cold cheek.

She jerked in his arms, and moaned against his mouth. Trying to move her arms as her blood heated up and began to burn.

The nurse had watched him as he’d kissed her, and now was frozen in her seat with her mouth hanging open.

She had had no pulse, she had been pale and her skin ice cold, and now here she was with her arms around his neck, moaning against his mouth, responding to his kisses.

"D...Daiki." She whispered weakly against his lips.

"I knew you would come back to me." He said, crushing her to his chest.

"Uh, doctor," the nurse said slowly, her hand shaking as she held the phone, not taking her eyes off the kissing couple across the room. "We have a very strange situation in room1225. Get over here right away."

When the doctors came, two of them were speechless in the doorway, one fainted, and another just stood there in wonder. A few feet in front of them, the girl who was pronounced dead no more than a few hours ago, was completely alive now. He gently kissed her neck, biting a little and she giggled, enjoying the attention.

Two hours later, with friends, family, and her detective at her side, the doctors finally decided that Saint Tail was fine, even though they still couldn't believe she was alive, and that she could leave the hospital.

"What has happened here tonight?" One of the doctors asked, trying to understand.

"I think I know exactly how this worked." Asuka Jr. said, smiling at Saint Tail.

"How?" Everyone asked at the same second.

"Saint Tail?"


"You should know the answer to this."

"I should?"


"What is it?"

"Well, it's obvious. You must be magic."