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Sleight of Hand, Love and Magic

This story has a warning directed at Saint Tail herself. I'm not sure about the rating for this story, so just stop reading if you feel that it's not for you, though I can't think of one person that would follow that rule, I certainly didn't. Saying it's a mature rating seems to be a bit harsh, but giving it a teen rating seems a little bit light. I'm not sure what to do.

It's just a dream, but still, I'm just going to say Saint Tail is growing up a little.

I don't own Saint Tail, just the idea.




Gently lifting the top half of a glittering glass case, Saint Tail carefully, silently, placed it on the floor and let it lean against the wooden leg of a table about a foot away. A mischievous smile spread on her face as she picked up the small shimmering azure crystal held it up to the light.

Asuka Jr. was hidden in a dark hideaway, watching intently as she raised the crystal and watched it's brilliance shine. He didn't want to capture her this time, he just wanted to observe her theft and see if she was really the petty thief everyone assumed her to be. Right now she sure did seem, even under his close observation, to be a mere thief, like any other, but something had him infatuated with her, and he couldn't bring himself to believe that he was madly in love with someone so bad.

When she fled, he silently followed her. He had researched the building for hours and knew every possible route she could take. Successfully, he managed to follow her outside without her knowing it, and now he wondered where she was going. He followed her as she continued on her obviously very important mission of returning the jewel, and after that... something else she obviously had to do.

This one however, shocked him more than the fact that she didn't keep the jewel for herself. He'd suspected, of course, but to actually see her pull it off, it had him seeing her in a whole new light. That feeling was deepened further when he saw her sneak her way into the Saint Paulia Church.

He followed her and found himself rendered speechless in the doorway, watching as she knelt on the hardwood floor, praying. He'd never seen this side of Saint Tail before, and it proved to him that she was the good girl he'd imagined. He found himself smiling at her, lost so deeply in her prayer. Was it a regular thing? He wondered silently.

She finished, her head bent over her hands, and then got up. She turned slowly and then walked away. He ducked behind a bench to keep hidden from her view as she left and then watched her go, that little angel. As he watched her walk away, he wasn't seeing Saint Tail as before, she had the wings of an angel now and he swore he saw a golden halo above her head as she stared at the stars. Something in that moment had him wanting to kiss her, though he couldn't understand it fully. He knew that he was in love with her, deeply, but it was just that he couldn't imagine it, he couldn't see it in his mind. It was something he simply couldn't see happening.

But he knew all too well, from watching the young illusionist perform her trickery, things you can't see, can still happen.








Chapter 2

"Magic isn't real!" Asuka Jr. shouted, fighting with Meimi Haneoka.

"How would you know, anything is possible if you just believe in it." She shot back.

"I believe in things I see." Asuka Jr. said, flustered with her, and immediately regretted that sentence.

He knew that, even if he hated to believe in it, Saint Tail had him believing in magic. She had him believing it was real. There was no way he would ever admit it, but Saint Tail had taken her wand, knocked him over the head with it, and now had him under the effect of her own brand of a love potion. She performed her magic on him and now he couldn't escape it. He didn't know that he wanted to either. In some way, somehow, he was quite satisfied being under her control, quite happy to know that she would taunt him with lustful, crazed dreams that had him waking up unable to move. The only problem with this wild, hot, flaming game of love was the fact that he ended up wanting her so much, he had trouble controlling it to stay inside his head, where it belonged.

Occasionally he would be talking with a classmate over something in the park and the conversation always wound itself in a gentle ark that never failed to lead to the young magician. They would talk about her, mostly about chasing her or capturing her, and he would find it nearly impossible to keep secret the dreams he was having about her. At times, something not meant to be spoken would slip out and he'd talk his way out of it, but more and more often, he'd have to get up and make an excuse about something urgent he had to do, and then walk away as if nothing embarrassing had nearly happened.



They turned from each other, angry from their fight, and walked away to their seats. School went by with silence from them once the teacher intervened, and now Meimi was accepting another mission from Seira Mimori.

"I think we should help him, don't you?"

"Of course, yes. Saint Tail will take care of this."

She delivered the warning note and later that evening made her appearance, as always, and stole the picture without ever being noticed. Now he was once again following her, unable to stop himself as she bounded gracefully along rooftops to her final and, he guessed, most important destination. Once more sneaking into the church, she knelt down on the wooden floor and prayed. He only wished he knew what she was praying about. Was she saying sorry for stealing? He doubted it, she had no reason to be sorry. Was she praying simply because she wanted to? Probably, he thought.

And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... She walked out the door and strutted to a nearby oak tree. Showing off, the little devil. She knew he was watching, now there was no doubt about it in his mind. She knew what she was doing to him and just playing hard to get. His answer was further confirmed when she let out a naughty giggle and ran off into the night.






Another night filled with what was bound to be a crazy dream that would leave him sweating the next morning was something Asuka Jr. knew for sure was going to come to him as soon as he fell asleep. Yet anyways, he got himself ready for bed, sort of excited that he would see Saint Tail again, even if it was only a dream.

Her fingers, gently working, making her gasp because of the sensation. She was sitting on the peak of a roof, and she was about to come. "Ah, okay... okay..." She was whispering the words, but they hardly made any sense, she was already that far gone, lost within desire as she felt everything clench. Her mouth open, she closed her eyes and let out a deep, ragged breath. She was so close.

 Her bangs were soaking wet, rain dripping from her fiery hair down and onto her black stockings, disappearing like an illusion into the silk like material. Her ponytail as well, a wet, but burning trail of fire down her back and into a messy pile lying on the roof next to her.

Suddenly she screamed, throwing her head back and clutching the rooftop with her hands as the fire burned through her.

He woke with a startled gasp, still hearing her lustful scream ringing in his ears, and groaned when he discovered himself in the same situation as he had been for the past two weeks. And again she was on his mind, fogging up his thoughts of reality, making him desire her and in turn torture himself. It was, in a way, an endless cycle. She controlled it, even if she didn't know it, and the only way to shatter it, would be to tell her. That required confidence, and a whole lot of courage that he didn't have, but in the end, it all came down to three words he had to say to her... I love you.






'She has to hear it, she has to know the truth.' He thought as he fed the doves outside the school at recess. Two weeks had passed, and his dreams had gone from hot and sweet to flaming and syrupy. Now he found himself thinking about her 24/7, seeing visions of her wherever he looked, and not getting peace from his feelings anymore. What answer did he have for all this? He was smitten with Saint Tail, there was no other conclusion, no other possibility. And he knew simply telling her how he felt wouldn't be enough to convince her. She wouldn't believe it. To make her believe it, he would have to kiss her. This thrilled him immensely, but had him thinking it through in every way, because getting Saint Tail close enough for a mouth to mouth kiss was a whole other problem in itself. Later on, when her warning exploded in his face out of his math book, he suddenly knew exactly what he had to do to get Saint Tail to see the truth.

Browsing through the flower shop, he picked out the most beautiful twelve pink roses he could find. Price was no option, Saint Tail would get, and deserved, only the best quality. Getting the flowers tied with glittering pink, red, and white bows, he left with the gift and headed off to capture Saint Tail. Walking through the north end of town, he saw absolutely no sign of life in the area, and had to wonder how Saint Tail discovered a stolen ancient moonstone jewel in a place like this.

No lights anywhere, no sounds of any kind, only the occasional run in with something smelly he didn't want to know anything more about. This district was also known to be a sort of ghost community, and therefore was home to a lot of gangs and criminals. Saint Tail was a modern day Robin Hood, taking the law into her own hands, but she definitely didn't belong here.

And then he heard a loud crash coming from a nearby factory and then a gun being fired. Without thinking he ran towards it, only to find Saint Tail holding a tiny silver oval shaped crystal and intently watching a fat man pointing a gun at her.

"Hand it over sweetheart, before something bad happens."

Last time, a dog had helped her, but now there was no such help around, except for a certain head over heels in love detective. Acting on impulse, he stepped in front of her to protect her and act as a shield. She was shocked and for a moment speechless when he suddenly showed up in front of her.


"It's okay." He responded, looking at the man in front of them. "Let me speak to her. I promise you will get your jewel back."

"One minute." The man said after some consideration and stepped back, allowing them a little privacy but keeping the gun on them.

He turned to her, winked, and mouthed the words 'help me' to her. She caught on immediately, and smiled, not hiding a thing from him. 'Drop it.' he instructed her and she did, making it look accidental, then bent down to pick it up, he did with her but while she picked up the stone, he quickly picked up a bullet lying beside his shoe. They both stood and faced each other again. He pressed her palm to his and she understood immediately, using her sleight of hand to switch the items. Dropping their hands he leaned forward and whispered into her ear.

"I love you baby. Hand him the bullet, it's gonna work."

"Times up. Where's my crystal?"

They parted, and after a few seconds she turned and walked slowly over to him, acting nervous. Faking the shake of her hand, she reached out and handed it to him. As predicted he took it and ran immediately, not bothering to look back.

Smiling, she turned and walked back to the young detective. He smiled at her when she stopped beside him, and then chuckled.

"What's so funny?" She asked.

"I never thought I'd get myself into such a paradox."

"A paradox?"

"I'm madly in love with you, but I can never have you." He admitted.


"Because I'm a detective and you're a thief. That doesn't work."

They were silent for a minute, thinking. But soon Saint Tail found herself getting annoyed with the fact that he didn't realize her feelings. How was it possible for him to be an a grade student but not notice the way her cheeks flushed when he was near, the way she instantly found it hard to breathe when he called out her name, the way she always wanted to turn and run back into his arms.

"Daiki?" She whispered, taking control, and asking the question she needed an answer for.


"Are you going to kiss me or not?!"

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Love is Magic 2

Love is Magic 2

(for better or for worse)

"Saint Tail, sweetheart."Asuka Jr. said, trying not to cry, still trying to stop the bleeding from her severe cut.

"It's okay, I'm happy now." Saint Tail whispered weakly into his ear, trying to comfort him, and then whispered softly the words that, even unspoken, had bound them together from the start. "I love you."

That was all she said. Asuka Jr.'s father and a few officers were watching from the police cars nearby. Now they saw just how he felt about her, and the sympathy they felt for him went far beyond words. He held her tightly, supporting her, because he could still feel her kiss on his lips, and now that he knew he'd never feel it again, it burned fiercely against his skin. For the longest moment, he just held her, not wanting to let go. For him, it was as if time had stilled, it was just them, but no longer her.

After a long while, he understood that he'd have to let go, though he knew that he never truly would. She was his angel, the one bright spot in his life. When his father came to take her, Asuka Jr. let go of her, but had to use all of his strength not to pull her back into his arms and hold her tightly. She was so beautiful, perfect in every way, even now. For a long time after that he just sat there on a bench, in the darkness of the night, thinking, sorting through thoughts. Feeling around in his pocket, he pulled out her latest warning note, looked at it for a moment, memorizing it, and then crushed it in his hand. Somehow, he wanted to cry over the loss of her, and was willing to do so, but for some reason that was beyond him, he couldn't do it.

When the arrangements were made, and everything was being planned, Asuka Jr. couldn't decide on his own feelings toward her. If he went along to plan everything, he would be torturing himself, to see a picture of her would shatter him all over again. And if he didn't, if she was watching from somewhere in heaven, she would be angry. She would get flustered and stomp off, annoyed with him over something he didn't know he'd done. So he helped with it, paying special attention to the choice of flowers. He made it very clear that he knew all too well that her favourite flower was always a pink rose.

She would comment on the beauty of it, and later bug him about the cost of something so extravagant. This he knew for sure, as he looked at the room. Roses flowed off everything, petals laid everywhere, and ribbons curled around her beloved top hat and wand. It really was a sight to see, but as Asuka Jr. had said, "Nothing is too much for Saint Tail."

Everything went off as planned, people who knew her as Meimi said goodbye, as well as the few people who knew her as Saint Tail. It was a shock as well as a tragedy. Asuka Jr. had even insisted that she stay in her costume, for that was the outfit that she was most fond of. When he went up to her, he didn't have a flower for her, like everyone else did, he had something that he meant to give to her in private, but now wanted her to have it forever. Somehow he knew that she would have said yes.

He softly, gently slipped the engagement ring onto her finger as a tear escaped from his eye and landed on her cheek. It was so sad, he never thought he would have to say goodbye to Saint Tail. He'd never imagined that, he'd never wanted to.

To his complete surprise, she stirred. A soft sound escaped her and her lips parted slightly. It was a barely audible sound, but he understood her well enough to know exactly what it had meant. Slowly, he bent down to kiss her. Everyone thought he was crazy and was about to shout or in some cases scream as he placed his lips on top of hers. It was only when she moaned softly against his mouth that everyone went speechless. Her father was a magician but this was something even he believed was beyond possible. It actually looked like his kiss had brought her back to life.

She reached up slowly to wind her fingers into his hair and pull his face down, closer to hers. Shocked gasps came from everyone in the room when she murmured something inaudible into his ear and he carefully picked her up and carried her away, neatly leaving everyone staring in amazement.

"W... where are you going...?" Someone managed to ask, getting her voice to work.

"She wants to say she's sorry for leaving." Asuka Jr. softly responded and carried her away.

The truth was that his kiss had held so much emotion that her soul had fed on it and brought her back. She was still weak but somehow knew exactly what she needed to recover. She needed him.

Beautiful World

Note: I don't own the song. I just thought it fit perfectly with the idea for this super short fanfiction. I also don't own this beautiful series.
I just want to say that Megumi Tachikawa did an excellent job when she came up with Saint Tail. It will always be my favourite anime. So thank you, you and your beautiful characters inspire me every day to chase after my dream. I will become a magician just like Saint Tail. (Well, without the thievery. Hah!)
And I know she's only an anime character, and that she's not real, but to me, sometimes it feels as if she is. Maybe I'm crazy, but when I was sick, it truly felt like she was by my side, like a guardian angel almost. Holding me up and telling me to keep walking. So, in a way, I say thank you to Saint Tail as well, and to that cute detective. He's made me laugh, cry, and, well, he's been in my dreams also, so thanks.
This fanfiction is dedicated to Saint Tail and Daiki Asuka Jr.  (You two belong together.)

Strawberry lips, shining in the summer sun
Canary temps, glowing there for everyone
You fell asleep under the cherry tree...

Asuka Jr. was walking home through the park, annoyed that Saint Tail had escaped again, when he noticed a flash of pink that he recognized all too well. A small gasp escaped him when he saw Saint Tail sleeping peacefully in the grass at the base of the tree of happiness.
Slowly walking up to her side he noticed a pin lying in her open palm and an engraving on the tree a few feet above her. "I love you forever." S+D
Smiling, he took the pin from her hand, engraved a sentence of his own under hers, placed the pin in his pocket, and as gently as possible, picked up the sleeping little thief and carried her home.
Your winter skin warming in the summer sun
We know within you will stay forever young
You fell asleep under the solid sea... the stars awakened.

Quietly sneaking in through the garage to a quiet house, her parents asleep, he carried her upstairs and softly laid her down into her bed. Pulling the baby pink blanket up to her shoulders he knelt down beside her and smiled. She was so beautiful, her shiny orange hair falling over her cheeks and over her closed eyelids, her lips slightly parted. Suddenly she made a soft noise and buried her face into the pillow, dreaming of something.
"Daiki..." She whispered softly, clenching her hand and straightening her legs under the soft cotton sheets. "Daiki I'm coming."
He smiled a forced back a chuckle. She was dreaming about him. Pulling the pin out of his pocket, he placed it on her nightstand, beside her diary, and got up. Leaving the door slightly opened for the small brown hedgehog, he carefully made his way back downstairs and left the way he'd come.
Smiling, he walked home thinking about her. She was Meimi,  he saw that in her face now, they were a perfect match. And it made him very happy to know that the girl he was madly in love with at school was also the thief he couldn't get out his head. Still seeing the image of the engravings they had left in the tree, he knew if there really was such a thing as magic, they would be together one day.
Though as he thought about it, he started to think, it wasn't magic that would bring them together, it was her. Because for some reason he couldn't comprehend, he suddenly believed that she was more than just a magician, she was magic.

"I love you forever." S+D
"We will always be together as one, we are magic."
Daiki and Kaito Saint Tail

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Saint Tail's First Kiss

Saint Tail's First Kiss

Spending a fun day at Wonder Garden with friends, Asuka Jr. was just looking for a secret little spot to escape to, there was something he had to get done, and it had to be today… as soon as Saint Tail made her appearance.

There was a big school project on the thieves of Seika City Sawatari was working on so he’d come to try and take some photos of Saint Tail and everyone else in their class had a bet on just how fast Daiki would fail in catching her.

“You should try that roller coaster, it’s so fun!” Kyoko said, running back toward them with Ryoko and Meimi behind her.

“No, not me.” Asuka Jr. responded, still searching for that empty secret corner.

“Oh, why not? Why won’t you ride anything?” Ryoko asked.

“Because he’s waiting for his girlfriend.” Kyoko said.


“I’d like to see her up close, I hear she’s really pretty.

“Yeah totally! Right Junior?”

“Leave him, he thinks she’s sexy...”

 “Who thinks I’m sexy?” Saint Tail asked, sitting on the metal gate behind them checking her hot pink lipstick with a pocket mirror, making everyone turn to look at her.

“Saint Tail…” Asuka Jr. said, pretending to sound annoyed with her.

“Bye handsome.” She said and ran away down the paved road.

The group of friends followed until they lost her in a big clearing between food stalls. After five minutes of searching the map for something and inspecting her warning note they still didn’t figure anything new out.

“You’re so slow.” Saint Tail called to them from the rails of a roller coaster.

She leapt down just in time to escape the train and landed on the floor like a tiger. The train rolled in front of her, and then she was gone.

Everyone just stood there in awe.

"She disappeared..."

"She is a magician." Asuka Jr. responded, still staring at the spot was she landed.

A few minutes later Asuka Jr. found her again, holding the diamond up to the moonlight as she sat on a bench. He was alone this time, and she didn't run when she noticed him. Instead she turned toward him, lowered her hand and looked away, her cheeks hinting a rosy pink blush. She couldn't hide it, and touching the fingertips of her left hand to her cheek just made it more obvious as to what she was feeling.

Walking towards her, he bent down to pick a pink flower from a garden beside the bench she was sitting on. Lifting it up, she raised her head to look at it, watching it as he fingered at the petals.

"Do you like it?" He asked, catching her attention.

His friends were watching from a nearby wall, being careful to keep silent and unseen.

"Yes." She whispered, a tear sliding down her cheek. It landed on her satin glove and he looked up at her only to find her cheeks wet with tears.

Smiling sadly, he lifted the flower and tucked it behind her ear. "It looks perfect." He said softly.

Right away, she began to cry, burying her face into her hands. "Asuka Jr., I'm sorry, I wanted to tell you. I'm so sorry." She cried, her body shaking.

"Don't be." He said and wrapped her in his arms.

She buried her face into his shirt as he held her, comforting her, whispering to her, telling her he loved her. She looked up at him, surprised at his sudden affection, and found he was smiling at her.

"Why?" She asked, he voice still stuttering a little.

As gently as possible, he placed his curled forefinger under her chin and lifted her face up. He quickly glanced at her pink lips, cluing her in. Catching the clue, she slowly began to close the distance between them. He helped her with a hand under her ponytail and leaning into her. Their lips touched softly. It was feather light but it changed them both. She wrapped her arms around his neck, he held her shoulders so that she couldn't slip away, and their kiss deepened.

Sawatari took a quick picture of the kissing couple, knowing that this would get him on every newspaper cover in town.

"No go." He said, when the kiss ended. Pulling back and turning before he saw her eyes. He still didn't know her identity, and he didn't want to.

"Daiki..." She whispered, trying to understand. "Why?"

"Where would the fun be if I capture you. Go."

"But I can tell, you need me to..."

"I know." He cut her off. She didn't need to say it, she was completely right. "I'll take care of it. I've done it before, I can do it again."

"Wait here." She said and ran off. He turned to look for her, but she was gone.

A few seconds later, she walked back to him, took his hand and pressed something small and black into his palm. "I bought this for you. One day you can give it back to me. I have a feeling we'll do this again." She gave him another quick kiss on the cheek, making him blush, whispered something into his ear, most likely about the contents in his hand, smiled and turned to leave.

He watched her go as he stood there on the pathway, her hands folded behind her back, still holding the crystal. Sneaking off into an underground tunnel, she turned back to him, smiled at him, and disappeared.

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Love is Magic

Love Is Magic

Saint Tail had been running along the roofs of 8th avenue with Asuka Jr. racing on the sidewalk below her. With one wrong step she had fallen from the roof. The drainpipe had made her blackout and when Asuka Jr. had caught her he had been so enthusiastic and happy. Until he found she had no pulse…

His heart had stopped as he crushed his unconscious thief to his chest. He couldn’t make sense of this, it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be true. Her hand was cold, she wasn’t moving, but he wouldn’t believe what his mind was pointing out to him. This wasn’t over, it wouldn’t end like this, it couldn’t end like this.

Asuka Jr.'s father had found him sitting on a wooden bench with the petite little girl limp in his arms when he arrived a few minutes later, only to be met with a with a son that had lost all his hope.

"Please dad, tell me I’ve got this wrong."

He didn’t have it wrong. He had captured her when it was too late. If only he had held on to her hand last Monday… they would have been in love now. He would have been in his bed kissing her, loving her, but he let her go… and now it was too late. She was lifeless in his hands and he couldn’t, wouldn’t grasp that it was too late.

The ambulance came and even when they told him that it was over he wouldn’t believe them. They took her to the hospital, even though they knew it wouldn’t do anything. Asuka Jr. didn’t let go of her, he cradled her in his arms even as the doctor and the paramedics told him to put her down on the white bed they were beside.

He wouldn’t let go of her. Something told him it couldn’t be true. She couldn’t be gone.

He saw something in her beauty, even as she lay lifeless in his arms, that he saw in no one else. It told him now more strongly than ever that they were meant to be together, and if he let someone take her out of his arms they would be taking his life and soul with them. She was the only reason, the only reason he got up in the morning, hoping to find another warning note, hoping to see her again, just for a second. She was the only thing that kept him going, if he lost her, he'd lose himself as well. He couldn't imagine a world where Saint Tail wasn't involved, and for that reason alone, he held on to her, and wouldn't let anyone take her away.

It was past 2:00 am and everyone that was with them: her friends, her parents, Asuka Keiji, the paramedics, the doctor, and the police force had left. It was dark, the only illumination was a reading lamp on a table across the room from them where a nurse was doing paperwork on her night shift.

Asuka Jr. gently shifted her in his arms and kissed her softly, a tear landing on her pale cold cheek.

She jerked in his arms, and moaned against his mouth. Trying to move her arms as her blood heated up and began to burn.

The nurse had watched him as he’d kissed her, and now was frozen in her seat with her mouth hanging open.

She had had no pulse, she had been pale and her skin ice cold, and now here she was with her arms around his neck, moaning against his mouth, responding to his kisses.

"D...Daiki." She whispered weakly against his lips.

"I knew you would come back to me." He said, crushing her to his chest.

"Uh, doctor," the nurse said slowly, her hand shaking as she held the phone, not taking her eyes off the kissing couple across the room. "We have a very strange situation in room1225. Get over here right away."

When the doctors came, two of them were speechless in the doorway, one fainted, and another just stood there in wonder. A few feet in front of them, the girl who was pronounced dead no more than a few hours ago, was completely alive now. He gently kissed her neck, biting a little and she giggled, enjoying the attention.

Two hours later, with friends, family, and her detective at her side, the doctors finally decided that Saint Tail was fine, even though they still couldn't believe she was alive, and that she could leave the hospital.

"What has happened here tonight?" One of the doctors asked, trying to understand.

"I think I know exactly how this worked." Asuka Jr. said, smiling at Saint Tail.

"How?" Everyone asked at the same second.

"Saint Tail?"


"You should know the answer to this."

"I should?"


"What is it?"

"Well, it's obvious. You must be magic."