Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Ghost of Saint Tail

Saint Tail tried to stop herself from crying as a police officer cuffed her hands and forced her to walk towards the police cruisers gathered around the mansion. She glanced at Asuka Jr. who stood on the sidewalk by the mansion gate, watching her… “I never want to see you again.” He mouthed at her when her eyes met his. She turned her head away quickly, tears flying from her eyes, and she tried again not to cry as he pushed her toward the cars.

She held onto the door of the car as one of the officers drove it out of the maze of cars and slowly drove away. He didn’t even look at her as they slowly drove past him, he simply hung his jacket over his shoulder and kept walking while looking at the moon.

“Daiki…” She whispered softly but the rest of her words were drowned out by her silent crying.

“Did you really think that?” The officer driving asked her.

“What?” She asked, turning abruptly in his direction.

“No one falls in love with a thief Saint Tail, it doesn’t happen.”

“My mother was a thief, and my father’s a magician, they fell in love.”

“Your father’s a magician, Daiki’s a detective, he wanted to arrest you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“It’s obvious he didn’t care, he didn’t even look at you, how much more proof do you need?”

The rest of the drive was quiet except for her infrequent sniffling. Once they got there, as soon as they walked into the hall with her she got bombarded with whistles and cheesy pick up lines. She paid them no attention because for the most part, they were people she had gotten attention to and sent to jail by stealing from them, highlighting their evil ways.

She was pushed into an empty cellar and locked up. She ran back to the door, her heels clicking on the floor, but she slipped on the messy floor and fell hard onto the concrete.

Asuka Daiki took a coke out of the fridge and opened it, for some reason having Saint Tail arrested didn’t please him, though he didn’t know why. He turned toward the bar crossing into the living room and froze when he saw Saint Tail sitting on the countertop. She was chewing a piece of gum and smiling at him sweetly. “Catch me if you can.” She whispered in a silky voice and blew a big pink bubble. Asuka Jr. rubbed his eyes and looked back, she was gone.

“What you looking at son?” His father asked, coming up to him.

“Uh, nothing. I’m going to bed.”

“Okay son, goodnight.”

As Asuka Jr. brushed his teeth and undressed for his shower he couldn’t get Saint Tail out of his mind. Shaking his head he got up and turned toward the shower and he saw Saint Tail sitting on the rim of the bathtub brushing her own teeth. As if on cue she turned, surprised, and looked at him. “Wanna help me with my shower…?” She whispered again, in that same silky tone as before. “Silly question for me to ask, of course you do.” He turned and put a new pair of boxers on, deciding he was so tired he was seeing and hearing crazy things and a shower might be dangerous. He turned to look back and again she was gone, no sign of anyone being there.

He went to bed and when he closed the door almost all the way and turned he came face to face with her again. “Now, arrest me Daiki… make me pay.” She said and licked her lips. He blinked in surprise and she disappeared like a flash of pink light. He sighed shook his head again and went to sleep, now he knew he was going insane.

The next day he woke up and after breakfast headed to school. Everybody was wondering where Haneoka was, if she was sick, or if something had happened.

“She’s been arrested for theft.” Asuka Jr. simply said to anyone who asked and went back to his calculus book.

By the time school started everyone knew the truth, thanks to the teacher announcing that Haneoka was Kaito Saint Tail. Sawatari thought this was a scoop as usual and turned in his finished tests and asked to be excused so he could write an article on her.

As they worked on a math test Asuka Jr. glanced at the empty seat that belonged to Haneoka and saw Meimi. She was daydreaming and then she slowly morphed into Saint Tail, who was trying very hard to work on her test. “I can’t figure this out, could you help me Daiki?” She said in an embarrassed voice. He looked around to see if anyone else saw her, and when he looked back she had disappeared again. What was wrong with him he wondered.

On the way home he tried to get his mind of these weird visions by buying himself an ice cream cone and a packed up sundae for his father. “You know my favorite is strawberry swirl right?” He looked up and saw Saint Tail sitting on the piece of wood shading the frozen treats licking a cone filled with melting pink and white ice cream.

“Are those birds back?” The person operating the stand asked, walking outside to look and shocking Asuka Jr. back to reality.

He slipped a five dollar bill into the man’s basket and went home.

“Keep the change.” He called over his shoulder.

When he got home he gave his father the sundae he'd bought for him and headed upstairs. When he got to his room Saint Tail was sitting on his bed beside his boxers. "Why is your underwear decorated with hearts Daiki? Are you in love with someone?"  Trying to keep his eyes focused on her image  he walked toward her and tried to touch her. His hand went right through hers and he gasped. She disappeared as if the gust of wind from his window blew her to dust and she was gone.

"What's happening?" He whispered softly.

Deciding after a small snack that grocery shopping would be a good way to forget about seeing her everywhere, he headed to the supermarket. Walking past the flower rack, he stopped to smell the roses as he did every time, and gasped when he looked up from a red rose and saw her fixing a pink rose into her hair, just above her ear. 'How do I look? Pink roses are my favorite.'  She whispered in a velvety soft voice and spun for him. As she came to face him again she disappeared into thin air, just as before.

"You look perfect," He said turning to leave, trying not to let the tears in his eyes escape. "Absolutely perfect."

He was so angry at himself right now, thanks to the little ghost he kept seeing, he'd realized what his heart was showing him. Running out of the store, he headed home as fast as he could and finding his father asleep by the television set watching a football game, he snuck into his father's bedroom and began searching for his father's secret keys. Finding them in his desk drawer, he stuck them in his pocket and snuck out the front door into the bright summer sun.

Sneaking into the building where she was, he snuck through the halls until he saw her quietly crying as she sat on the floor, in the far corner of her cell.

"Saint Tail, stay quiet baby, I'm going to get you out."

She looked up, and when she saw him she practically wrapped her hands around him through the bars.

Holding her hand, he tried the keys until one clicked and slowly, quietly sliding the door open he wrapped her in a tight embrace.

"Why?" She asked softly.

"Let's just say a little birdie told me."

"Huh?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Never mind that. Now, how am I going to get you out of here without being seen?"

She giggled lightly as he took her hand in his and led her away.

From behind the corner, two magicians dressed as Saint Tail walked into the hall and gave each other a high five.

"Mission accomplished." They said softly and disappeared.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Saint Tail sat among her friends as they talked about their gifts. Asuka Jr. had him arm around her waist protectively as she chatted with Seira about some Christmas tradition that Seira had.

Suddenly Asuka Jr. stood up and headed toward the door.

"What's up Daiki?" Saint Tail asked, noticing that his warm hands weren't wrapped around her waist.

"I thought I heard something on the roof," He responded. "Get ready Saint Tail."

"Could someone explain to me why he always treats me like a child?" Saint Tail asked when he left.

"Because you look so cute in your little Saint Tail outfit." Her father said, laughing.

"You know, he's right. You do look cute in that." Seira said.

A few minutes later they heard heavy footsteps upstairs. Saint Tail immediately caught on to Asuka Jr.'s little game and just sat back and shook her head. Asuka Jr. walked onto the stairs dressed as Santa Claus and looked around, then looked at Saint Tail.

"Young lady, are you Kaito Saint Tail?" He asked her.

"Yes." She answered, playing along with his little game.

"Do you know where Daiki is? He wanted me to deliver a personal gift, so I had to come back now, in the morning." 

"He left a little while ago, I think he heard you on the roof."

"Well, okay. I have to hurry, so I'll give it straight to you, he wanted to give it to you himself but he's not here."

He walked up to her and handed her a small silver and pink box. She slowly took it and looked back up at him.

"Should I open it now, or do I have to wait for him?"

"Take a look, I personally love it and I hope you will accept, of course, that's completely your choice."

Slowly she opened it and gasped when she found a beautiful golden engagement ring with a glittering diamond in the center.

"Saint Tail, will you marry me?" Asuka Jr. asked, pulling the beard away. Sinking down onto one knee.

"Yes. " She said, wiping a tear from her eye.

She jumped into his embrace as he stood up and kissed him. He placed his Santa hat on her head and wrapped her in his arms, deepening their kiss.

Merry Christmas

Saint Tail