Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Ghost of Saint Tail

Saint Tail tried to stop herself from crying as a police officer cuffed her hands and forced her to walk towards the police cruisers gathered around the mansion. She glanced at Asuka Jr. who stood on the sidewalk by the mansion gate, watching her… “I never want to see you again.” He mouthed at her when her eyes met his. She turned her head away quickly, tears flying from her eyes, and she tried again not to cry as he pushed her toward the cars.

She held onto the door of the car as one of the officers drove it out of the maze of cars and slowly drove away. He didn’t even look at her as they slowly drove past him, he simply hung his jacket over his shoulder and kept walking while looking at the moon.

“Daiki…” She whispered softly but the rest of her words were drowned out by her silent crying.

“Did you really think that?” The officer driving asked her.

“What?” She asked, turning abruptly in his direction.

“No one falls in love with a thief Saint Tail, it doesn’t happen.”

“My mother was a thief, and my father’s a magician, they fell in love.”

“Your father’s a magician, Daiki’s a detective, he wanted to arrest you.”

“You don’t know that.”

“It’s obvious he didn’t care, he didn’t even look at you, how much more proof do you need?”

The rest of the drive was quiet except for her infrequent sniffling. Once they got there, as soon as they walked into the hall with her she got bombarded with whistles and cheesy pick up lines. She paid them no attention because for the most part, they were people she had gotten attention to and sent to jail by stealing from them, highlighting their evil ways.

She was pushed into an empty cellar and locked up. She ran back to the door, her heels clicking on the floor, but she slipped on the messy floor and fell hard onto the concrete.

Asuka Daiki took a coke out of the fridge and opened it, for some reason having Saint Tail arrested didn’t please him, though he didn’t know why. He turned toward the bar crossing into the living room and froze when he saw Saint Tail sitting on the countertop. She was chewing a piece of gum and smiling at him sweetly. “Catch me if you can.” She whispered in a silky voice and blew a big pink bubble. Asuka Jr. rubbed his eyes and looked back, she was gone.

“What you looking at son?” His father asked, coming up to him.

“Uh, nothing. I’m going to bed.”

“Okay son, goodnight.”

As Asuka Jr. brushed his teeth and undressed for his shower he couldn’t get Saint Tail out of his mind. Shaking his head he got up and turned toward the shower and he saw Saint Tail sitting on the rim of the bathtub brushing her own teeth. As if on cue she turned, surprised, and looked at him. “Wanna help me with my shower…?” She whispered again, in that same silky tone as before. “Silly question for me to ask, of course you do.” He turned and put a new pair of boxers on, deciding he was so tired he was seeing and hearing crazy things and a shower might be dangerous. He turned to look back and again she was gone, no sign of anyone being there.

He went to bed and when he closed the door almost all the way and turned he came face to face with her again. “Now, arrest me Daiki… make me pay.” She said and licked her lips. He blinked in surprise and she disappeared like a flash of pink light. He sighed shook his head again and went to sleep, now he knew he was going insane.

The next day he woke up and after breakfast headed to school. Everybody was wondering where Haneoka was, if she was sick, or if something had happened.

“She’s been arrested for theft.” Asuka Jr. simply said to anyone who asked and went back to his calculus book.

By the time school started everyone knew the truth, thanks to the teacher announcing that Haneoka was Kaito Saint Tail. Sawatari thought this was a scoop as usual and turned in his finished tests and asked to be excused so he could write an article on her.

As they worked on a math test Asuka Jr. glanced at the empty seat that belonged to Haneoka and saw Meimi. She was daydreaming and then she slowly morphed into Saint Tail, who was trying very hard to work on her test. “I can’t figure this out, could you help me Daiki?” She said in an embarrassed voice. He looked around to see if anyone else saw her, and when he looked back she had disappeared again. What was wrong with him he wondered.

On the way home he tried to get his mind of these weird visions by buying himself an ice cream cone and a packed up sundae for his father. “You know my favorite is strawberry swirl right?” He looked up and saw Saint Tail sitting on the piece of wood shading the frozen treats licking a cone filled with melting pink and white ice cream.

“Are those birds back?” The person operating the stand asked, walking outside to look and shocking Asuka Jr. back to reality.

He slipped a five dollar bill into the man’s basket and went home.

“Keep the change.” He called over his shoulder.

When he got home he gave his father the sundae he'd bought for him and headed upstairs. When he got to his room Saint Tail was sitting on his bed beside his boxers. "Why is your underwear decorated with hearts Daiki? Are you in love with someone?"  Trying to keep his eyes focused on her image  he walked toward her and tried to touch her. His hand went right through hers and he gasped. She disappeared as if the gust of wind from his window blew her to dust and she was gone.

"What's happening?" He whispered softly.

Deciding after a small snack that grocery shopping would be a good way to forget about seeing her everywhere, he headed to the supermarket. Walking past the flower rack, he stopped to smell the roses as he did every time, and gasped when he looked up from a red rose and saw her fixing a pink rose into her hair, just above her ear. 'How do I look? Pink roses are my favorite.'  She whispered in a velvety soft voice and spun for him. As she came to face him again she disappeared into thin air, just as before.

"You look perfect," He said turning to leave, trying not to let the tears in his eyes escape. "Absolutely perfect."

He was so angry at himself right now, thanks to the little ghost he kept seeing, he'd realized what his heart was showing him. Running out of the store, he headed home as fast as he could and finding his father asleep by the television set watching a football game, he snuck into his father's bedroom and began searching for his father's secret keys. Finding them in his desk drawer, he stuck them in his pocket and snuck out the front door into the bright summer sun.

Sneaking into the building where she was, he snuck through the halls until he saw her quietly crying as she sat on the floor, in the far corner of her cell.

"Saint Tail, stay quiet baby, I'm going to get you out."

She looked up, and when she saw him she practically wrapped her hands around him through the bars.

Holding her hand, he tried the keys until one clicked and slowly, quietly sliding the door open he wrapped her in a tight embrace.

"Why?" She asked softly.

"Let's just say a little birdie told me."

"Huh?" She asked, looking up at him.

"Never mind that. Now, how am I going to get you out of here without being seen?"

She giggled lightly as he took her hand in his and led her away.

From behind the corner, two magicians dressed as Saint Tail walked into the hall and gave each other a high five.

"Mission accomplished." They said softly and disappeared.

Friday, 9 December 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Saint Tail sat among her friends as they talked about their gifts. Asuka Jr. had him arm around her waist protectively as she chatted with Seira about some Christmas tradition that Seira had.

Suddenly Asuka Jr. stood up and headed toward the door.

"What's up Daiki?" Saint Tail asked, noticing that his warm hands weren't wrapped around her waist.

"I thought I heard something on the roof," He responded. "Get ready Saint Tail."

"Could someone explain to me why he always treats me like a child?" Saint Tail asked when he left.

"Because you look so cute in your little Saint Tail outfit." Her father said, laughing.

"You know, he's right. You do look cute in that." Seira said.

A few minutes later they heard heavy footsteps upstairs. Saint Tail immediately caught on to Asuka Jr.'s little game and just sat back and shook her head. Asuka Jr. walked onto the stairs dressed as Santa Claus and looked around, then looked at Saint Tail.

"Young lady, are you Kaito Saint Tail?" He asked her.

"Yes." She answered, playing along with his little game.

"Do you know where Daiki is? He wanted me to deliver a personal gift, so I had to come back now, in the morning." 

"He left a little while ago, I think he heard you on the roof."

"Well, okay. I have to hurry, so I'll give it straight to you, he wanted to give it to you himself but he's not here."

He walked up to her and handed her a small silver and pink box. She slowly took it and looked back up at him.

"Should I open it now, or do I have to wait for him?"

"Take a look, I personally love it and I hope you will accept, of course, that's completely your choice."

Slowly she opened it and gasped when she found a beautiful golden engagement ring with a glittering diamond in the center.

"Saint Tail, will you marry me?" Asuka Jr. asked, pulling the beard away. Sinking down onto one knee.

"Yes. " She said, wiping a tear from her eye.

She jumped into his embrace as he stood up and kissed him. He placed his Santa hat on her head and wrapped her in his arms, deepening their kiss.

Merry Christmas

Saint Tail

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Kiss of Life (1)

Darkness filed softly by the signature of a kiss,

And heaven set in through the fire.

Intensity falls and shatters your bliss,

Kaitou breaks away for she wasn’t a liar,

I love you is the chant that was a dense but tragic miss.

She sleeps,

Peaceful, happy, a smile set on her lips.

Destiny solved.

Red shine on her cheek,

Slipping to warmly paint a lovers lips dark red.

Heated, warm, blood painting shiny white teeth.

All power taken away,

No last chance to undo the imprint.

Done by a rival as an unforgivable trick.

Shattered sapphire,

A detective softly resting on her waist.

Heavy tears stain a satin tuxedo of love.

Breaking heart,

Thief hunting through a shadow.

Then falling into stolen gold.

Searching through darkness,

A heart finds its beat.

In an unbearable collision of a lover’s silky mess,

No way to refuse a lover's sweet treat.

Tainted stream is cleaned by touching a pink mini dress.

Passion collides,

Fire overcomes loss and disappearance.

Pressure too strong to fight.

Satin embrace,

Tear stained lips pressed to the cut.

Silver and pink swirls healing what has been hurt.

The pain fades away,

Arrest from a lover is imminent.

Intense arousal transforms a black darkness to a sunny day,

Lovely baby opens her eyes to the new fate that has been sent.

There will always be a place for you in my heart, Saint Tail

Monday, 28 November 2011

Saint Tail's Revenge

Just a little fun

Saint Tail was pressed with her back to a wall near the outskirts of town. She was listening to Asuka Jr. fight with Rina about catching her. Rina had no idea that Saint Tail had already been caught.

"I will capture her! And I don’t want you interfering." Asuka shouted.

"You need my help to capture that stupid thief!"

Saint Tail didn’t like this, to be called stupid, and Rina was going to pay for it. She snapped her fingers and suddenly Rina was Saint Tail! Asuka Jr. burst out laughing as he embraced the real Saint Tail and kissed her eagerly. Rina just stood there shocked as Asuka Jr. moaned against her lips.

"Saint Tail!" Rina said angrily.

"What?" Saint Tail asked. "You wanted to capture Saint Tail, now you are Saint Tail."


"Yeah Rina, this is Saint Tail." Asuka said to her before kissing his thief again. This time hungrily, impatiently, crushing her to his chest.

"I... I can’t believe it."

"Neither could I at first." Asuka Jr. said, lifting his Saint Tail onto a wooden crate.

They kissed again, and again, showing off.

"I hate you." Rina said.

"No you don’t. And besides, you look nice in that costume."

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Valentine's Day Bliss

Valentine’s Day Bliss

Walking home, Asuka Jr. had his arm around Saint Tail’s waist. They were talking amiably to one another, not caring about the onlookers, just enjoying each other’s company. He was awestruck by her prettiness; this detective thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. The long black satin tails of her tuxedo lightly flowing out behind her, her long ponytail gently flying in the wind’s path, her dazzling blue eyes looking straight into his heart, her perfect white teeth revealed when she laughed. It took all the strength he had not to grab her by the waist and take her right there on the walkway.

As they strolled past the shopping district she glanced in the direction of a little blue hair salon and then back at him as if nothing had happened.  Instantly he tightened his hold on her wrist and gently pulled her backwards.

"Show me…" was the adoring reply.

She smiled and walked within his delicate hug back to the small store. She showed him a small hair ribbon with Kaito Saint Tail sparkling on it. Immediately he let go of her hand and walked inside. She saw him inside talking to the clerk and when Asuka Jr. pointed at the ribbon and then at her she ran inside to stop him.

When she got inside Asuka Jr. caught her around the waist and immediately removed the bow in her hair. Tying her hair back into a ponytail with the new ribbon he fixed it into a bow that hung slightly of center. Placing the previous one into her hand Asuka Jr. looked at her and smiling, he told her that the ribbon was a little gift for Valentine’s Day. She blushed hotly and turned away. The clerk came toward them and when he saw her he replied that she looked beautiful with it, that it really showed off who she was inside. Asuka Jr. walked over to face her and tenderly kissed her lips. She melted into his kiss and softly, dotingly, he wrapped his arms around the petite little thief.

A minute later, they were back on the sidewalk again. She was sporting her new hair accessory and he had love written all over his face. They passed through the market and she came away with a strawberry ice cream cone. Now close to home, he noticed that there was only one more thing that could make this day more perfect. He took her for a walk through the park and when they were by the fountains he was suddenly gone. Looking around crazily she wondered where he could have gone. When she heard him call her name she turned to find him walking toward her with what looked like a million roses. She stared at him in shock, not believing her eyes. He handed her all the flowers that she could hardly hold and when she took them he sunk down onto one knee. 

"Saint Tail, I have been in love with you since the first moment I saw you. You will always be the only one and so on this Valentine’s Day I ask you, baby because you are all that I see… Kaito Saint Tail, will you marry me?"

A tear slipped from her eye and she wiped it away with her satin covered hand.

"Yes. Yes!" She said to him, and jumped into his arms when he stood up and placed the golden diamond ring on her finger.  

Everyone in close proximity clapped enthusiastically at the newly engaged couple and wished them a happy life. To which Asuka Jr. responded happily:

"Oh don’t worry, this is only the beginning of our Valentine’s Date."

The End

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tribute to Saint Tail

We need to capture this mysterious beauty that snuck into my embrace,

Start after the girl with the silky black mask and begin this chase,

She snuggled in my hands and kissed my ear as if it were meant to be,

I had locked my heart but she came and whispered one… two… three.

She knows magic for look at the confetti on my bed,

She blew the bits of paper at me and it made me shake my head,

I knew she was unique when she took her satin hat off and smiled,

Her lips shining like a glass floor just freshly tiled.

She was wearing a satin tuxedo and a cotton candy pink skirt,

Lost in desire as she worked her way under my shirt,

She bent down until she was lying on top of me,

Moving softly she spoke so I’d close my eyes and not see.

The chant she whispered broke the seal over my heart,

It was racing so fast I was sure it was off the chart,

Her lips gently fell onto mine as a top secret theft,

When I chanced to see her she took my heart into her hand and left.

By: Saint Tail

Nightmares aren't real, just imaginary

Meimi… You’re Saint Tail! All this time, you lied to me!

No, I never lied to you, I just… I just couldn’t tell you…

Saint Tail sits up in bed, breathing hard, scared out of her nightmare.

“Hey, you okay baby?” Asuka Jr. asks, reaching out to touch her gloved hand.

She turns to look at him.


“My little Kaitou have a bad dream?”

She nods once softly, smiles at her worried lover, nestles herself into his waiting embrace and after a kiss, soon falls back to sleep. Feeling safe and comfy in his warm embrace.

Saint Tail and Daiki


The secret identity of Saint Tail

Saint Tail cried her heart out as Asuka Jr. crushed her to his chest. This was the end, it was all over. As soon as the police cruisers would arrive, she’d never feel his touch again. She had been caught, he’d captured her, and now there was only one step left… she had to be arrested.

“Shh, don’t cry baby, you’ll be okay,” Asuka said to the tiny little thief in his arms. It was breaking his heart to see her like this, crying, gripping his shirt, hoping for the impossible. She was soft, warm, and smooth, a delicate and fragile spell in his arms. He held her in a body tight, heart crushing grip. He felt her shaking under his grasp, scared and crestfallen, defeated in his arms like fragments of broken glass.

Saint Tail was shattered

Asuka kissed her hair and forced himself not to cry along with her as they stood there under the black twilight. He looked up at the darkness filled with millions of shining stars and then back at her tiny body. Convinced that she fell from one of those stars he just stared up at the night and tried to forget the fact that she would soon be gone forever. Was she even real? He noticed a shooting star and in his heart he knew it was there because of her.

Suddenly he pulled her up onto his lap and crushed her so hard he was surprised nothing broke. He had remembered something from when he was four years old that gave him the answer to his question. His mother had taught him a prayer and told him to never forget it in his life.

“Angels do exist, son. They are real. When things are at their worst, an angel will be near. She may be hiding somewhere, walking in a crowd of people at a fair, or even so close your can feel her touch. Destiny is unavoidable, but with this prayer, if you’re lucky, you might capture an angel that decides destiny.”

White feathery wings that hold beauty beyond compare,

Are from the touch of an angel’s heart you’re meant to share.

True beauty is the heavens highest key,

You will need strong faith and love for her to see.

A true kiss is loyalties strongest sign,

With her chosen destiny you will fall in line.

Love her for she was made only for you,

Marry her for her and your fate will always be true.

Asuka whispered this to the sky and when he whispered her name at the end he couldn’t see, for the glowing in his arms was too bright. He tried to look at it but the light had the intensity of the sun. Still he held on to her body, he could feel her waist in his hands and he pressed her tightly to his chest. The glow was increasing and he suddenly knew… no, she wasn’t real, she was an angel! Somehow he knew exactly what he had to do. Gently, carefully, he shifted her so she was nestled in his arms and he delicately brought his lips down on hers. Feathers flew around them as a pair of silvery white wings emerged from her back. They were massive! Still glowing, her wings wrapped gently around them both. He gently ran his hand along the soft feathers and gasped when golden dust showered down to the ground.  

And then Saint Tail stirred, Asuka Jr. immediately searched his hands through the fading glow and grabbed her waist. Gently brushing her hair, not worrying but definitely noticing the gold dust covering her fiery hair, Asuka slipped her another kiss and froze when she returned it.

Opening his eyes he saw Saint Tail’s sapphire, star filled eyes smiling at him. Literally, there was a universe in her oceanic eyes. White and golden sparkles along with pink lines blended with the blue color. Her eyelashes had also become a little longer and the ends were laced with pink and gold. He kissed her again and slid his hand onto her lap. Only when he reached the flowery lace did he discover her new costume. Still the same outfit but completely white with golden laced edges. Her boots were now white 5 inch heels reaching up just above the knees with lace.

“Talk to me, baby. Say something.”

“Asuka Daiki,” the silky crystal like reply was the softest sound he’d ever heard.

“Can you say that again?”

“Asuka Daiki.”

He grabbed her then and gave her the most passionate kiss ever. She wrapped her white gloved hands around his neck and returned the kiss, her wings flapping gently behind her. After a minute his lap was covered in golden dust and he couldn’t understand what was happening. His mind raced to find an explanation as he lifted the golden substance into his hand. He never really believed in supernatural things, and after brushing his hand through her glittering ponytail he was convinced that he was dreaming.

And then his father arrived. When he saw them in the distance he also couldn’t believe his eyes. Asuka Jr. was holding a glowing Saint Tail with beautiful white wings in his lap and she was kissing him. She broke the lock and when he spoke to her she kissed him again, every time being slightly more urgent with him. 

“Oh, Saint Tail… I love you.”

“Saint Tail?” Asuka Keiji asked quietly.

She opened her eyes and turned to face him. He saw her eyes and gasped, the crystals in her eyes were glittering and slightly moving toward the center only with more to follow. Saint Tail smiled sweetly, gently pushed herself off Asuka Jr.’s lap, and walked weightlessly over to Asuka Keiji. She extended her hand and hesitantly he touched her. Her touch was affectionate and friendly through the satin glove and he smiled back at her.

“What happened here?”

I don’t know, I was crying in Juniors arms and I blacked out, then I woke up like this, she said and twirled quickly to show off her costume. Asuka Jr. caught her at the waist and told his father that she was an angel.

“Saint Tail turned into an angel right in front of me, she’s an angel, there’s no other explanation, unless I’m dreaming.”

“If your dreaming then I am too,” Asuka Keiji said looking at Saint Tail in wonder.

“So what happens now? Do you arrest me?” Saint Tail asked, suddenly remembering that she was supposed to be taken into custody.

“Yeah, I will need to arrest you, thanks for reminding me.” Asuka Jr. said, pulling her in for another kiss, holding her hands behind her back.

She flapped her wings in happiness and Asuka Keiji had to smile. Wherever this led, whatever happened from this point, his answer didn’t matter because she was destiny. She would decide the outcome of their life, even if she didn’t know it yet.

“Come; let’s go to Saint Tail’s home. This is going to be wild.”


“What do you think my parents will say?” Saint Tail asked, her anxiety increasing as they crossed the road onto her block.

“I don’t think they’ll speak, they won’t believe it either.”

“That’s true, they won’t believe it.” Asuka Jr. said, holding her around the waist and walking in time with her. “I still don’t.”

Practically everyone in sight was looking at her in awe. Some people were whispering to eachother, others coming up to ask whether the wings were real, and some, mostly cars slowing down just to stare. Some teenage boy whistled at her and Asuka Jr. had to ask whether that was a regular compliment.

“Does that happen often?”

“Never happened before,” she said looking over her shoulder to see who it was.

“Well you’re my angel; no one else can have you, ever,” Asuka Jr. said, and picked her up into his arms.

They kissed and Asuka Jr. stumbled a little.

“Was that your because of your footing or me?” Saint Tail asked.

“I don’t know.”

She started laughing and beating her wings happily. After a few seconds all three of them were laughing together. Asuka was carrying her, she had her hands resting on his chest and her worry totally slipped away.

“But really, they are beautiful.” Asuka Keiji said, running his hand along the soft feathers.

“Yeah. Hey, can you fly now?” Asuka Jr. asked the perky thief kissing his neck. She was teasing him again.

“I don’t know.” She responded, looking at him. “Do you think I can?”

“There’s only one way to find out.”

Carefully she flapped her wings, floated out of Asuka Jr.’s arms, and landed perfectly a few feet away on the sidewalk.

“Wow,” was the only response from both father and son.

Saint Tail blushed when he ran over to her and told her he wanted to fly like that.

“I want to do that!”

“We’ll need you to magically grow some wings then, son,” Asuka Keiji said, walking up to the two kissing lovebirds.

“Then I will. This is the coolest thing!”

Asuka Keiji just watched them for a minute, still hardly believing what was in front of him. She was a real live angel, this was clear. Asuka Jr. kissed her and she fluttered her wings to show off her pleasure and when he crushed her to his chest, she beat them harder, making him take a few steps backward and get locked against a tree trunk. Saint Tail pressed herself against his body and he moaned passionately.

“Alright, come on you two lovebirds, let’s go. You can submit to eachother later,” Asuka Keiji said, laughing at them.

They broke from eachother and both blushed hotly. Catching his angel by the hand, Asuka Jr. and Saint Tail ran to Asuka Keiji’s side.

Arriving at her home, they walked into the driveway but Saint Tail hung back, once again feeling uneasy.

“Oh, baby. It’s alright, I’m here,” Asuka Jr. said when he noticed there was no satin glove in his hand.

She was standing with her back against the gate, staring at him nervously, searching his eyes for reassurance. He walked back to her and took her in his arms again. She snuggled into his passionate embrace, enjoying the feel of love and security coming from his warm hold. “It’s okay,” he said, gently softly massaging her lower back. Looking at the tender hug they were in, Asuka Keiji went to the door himself. He would let her parents know what had happened to their daughter and be as kind as possible about it. Because technically, now she wasn’t the same girl as she’d been before. 

Ringing the doorbell once, he placed himself against the brick wall and just watched his son try to comfort Saint Tail. She was practically glued to his chest, her head pressed into his shoulder, and he was whispering inaudible phrases into her ear. The door opened and her mother Eimi came to the door in a dressed in black with a pink apron.

“How may I help you? She said when she noticed his police badge.”

“Nothing to worry about, she’s not hurt, but your daughter has… changed.”

“So it happened. I knew it would be soon.”

“What happened?”

“She’s an angel now isn’t she? The transformation’s complete?”

“Yes, you know about it?”

“She was born on September 29 1978, the day of the angels fall.”

“Angels fall?! I remember that!”

“Yes, do you remember the comet that supposedly broke the seal to heaven?”

“Yes! It was said that the comet burned through the seal of heaven and a rush of angel’s dust fell to the earth.”

“Yes, they said anyone who would be born on that date would become an angel between the age of 15 and 17 when she gets a kiss of true love. So my daughter has transformed. How did you find her? I thought she was at a friend’s house for a sleepover.”

“A friend’s house? Huh, okay. Um… well, the truth is my son found her. It may surprise you to know that your daughter was Saint Tail.”

“Saint Tail, huh? I thought so.”

“You did?!”

“Yes, every time she said she was going out, the next morning Saint Tail was in the paper. I figured it out after a while.”

“Okay, well then I’m glad this wasn’t a big shock to you. She’s here with my son, but she’s afraid to come to your view, because she doesn’t know that you know about her.”

“Well let’s go to her. Uh… is your son in love with her?”

“Since her first caper, he’s been love-struck; she’s all he thinks about.”

“Saint Tail?” Eimi asks when they come into view.

“Mom!” Um…I, she looks around in panic.

“It’s okay, I know about everything.”

“What?!”  She says, sitting motionless on the stone fence post, because of her mother’s words.

“I know about you, Saint Tail and the angel thing. I knew all along.”

“You knew I was Saint Tail?!”

“I figured it out. You said you were going out and the next morning Saint Tail has the front page article. After a while I knew.”

Saint Tail looked away and blushed hotly but Asuka Jr. had to laugh at this.

“Cheap trick Saint Tail!”

“Now, let’s see about these beautiful wings,” Eimi said, running her hand along the feathery length. “Oh my god, they’re so soft.”

“That’s true baby. They’re as soft as silk,” Asuka Jr. said before kissing her again.

Her mother watched as he kissed her and she beat her wings eagerly. She wanted more, that was clear, and even if she was young, whatever she desired was meant to be their fate.

“Okay, let’s leave them alone. You think?” Eimi whispered to the police chief standing beside her.


Again they parted from eachother and blushed like crazy.

“Come inside you two. Let’s talk about this; it’s probably shocking for you both.” Eimi said walking back toward them.

Once comfortably seated inside the living room Saint Tail helped her mother with snacks and coffee.  She grabbed two cokes out of the fridge and set them on the wooden tray her mother was beginning to plate.

“So, how does it feel to be an angel?” Eimi asked Saint Tail as she was measuring coffee grinds.

“It’s really weird. But I like it, the flying is fun.”

“Tested your wings in flight huh? Did it work?”

“Yeah, it worked well. I only flew about two feet but it felt so nice to be weightless.”

“So why am I an angel? Do you know?”

“It’s because of your date of birth. That date was when the angels fell.”

“Angel’s Fall? I’ve heard that somewhere.”

“It’s in all the history books. September 29 1978 was the day of Angel’s Fall. A comet hit the earth and, even though it was small, it broke heavens seal for one day. Golden dust fell from heaven and it’s said that anyone born on that date would become an angel between 15 and 17 years old. You came that afternoon, and your fate was built.”

They carried the snacks out, Saint Tail snuggled into the spot Asuka Jr. had saved for her and he slid his arm under her wings and around her waist. Softly cuddling into him, she was content to stay there in his arms forever.

“You two look so perfect together; it’s unbelievable, the romance flowing off of you.” Asuka Keiji said.

“Is it that obvious?” Saint Tail asked him.

“Yeah, totally. You look like the couples you only find in movies.

“Oh right! I want a picture of you two together,” Eimi said running for the camera. “Could you kiss for the shot?”

“Uh, well…” Saint Tail and Asuka Jr. responded and blushed at the same time.

“Oh, come on,” Eimi said when she returned.

“Let’s do it, we should have a memory of this date and, you know I want to kiss you,” Asuka Jr. said to her.

And so they kissed for the photo. She turned to face him; he placed his left hand on her shoulder, her right hand firmly on her back between her wings, and landed a deep, hungry kiss onto her light pink, glossy lips. The camera flashed but Asuka Jr. didn’t stop. She flapped her wings impatiently and there was pure lust in his kisses. Her fierce wing beats told Eimi and Asuka Keiji that she wanted more… much more, and she would do anything for it. Eimi and Asuka Keiji both knew that Saint Tail would be arrested under Asuka Jr.’s circumstances later the same evening, it was their fate. The only question was: With her head over heels in love responses, the outcome could be stronger than the world may be able to control, so, could they let it happen?

And then her father got home. He walked in the door and froze when he saw his daughter. He couldn’t speak, in front of him was Saint Tail, his daughter, and she was an angel. The transformation was complete, and she was fate.

“Meimi?” Her father asked her.

She got up and walked over to him. He cautiously touched her shoulder and then hugged her tightly. They got comfy on the couch and when everything was explained and she gave her father a brief show off of her wings. They decided it was time to go to bed. Because destiny had to happen, they came to the decision that Saint Tail would stay at Asuka Jr.’s house tonight because it was late and he lived considerably closer to school.

Asuka Jr. carried his little angel into the house and positioned himself against the railing of the stairs, still not letting her out of his arms. He was content and happy right now. She was kissing his neck and flapping her wings readily, asking him silently to take it to the next level. His father saw him standing there in a dream state because of her and he told his son that they should go to bed, that tomorrow was Sunday and they would have a lot of paperwork to clear up with Saint Tail.

“Asuka… how long do I have to wait?” She asked breathlessly between burning kisses.

“Go with her son, she is your fate, take her,” Asuka Keiji said, touching his son’s shoulder.

So after goodnight’s and hugs they went upstairs. He transported her upstairs in his arms and put her down delicately on the bed. She just looked at him as he sat down beside her and smiled. She was perfect and nothing could break them from eachother.

Five minutes later he was locked to her lips, repeatedly kissing her, tasting her sweet lips. Everything was perfect now, Asuka Jr. was in love with Saint Tail, she was an angel now, but she was still Saint Tail, his Saint Tail, and she would be his tonight and forever. He gently laid her down onto his bed and cuddled up beside her, propping himself up on his elbow.

“God you’re beautiful,” he said, moving her fiery hair out of her eyes.

It was true, she was beautiful. Her hair shining like a burning flame, her eyes a glittering universe to get lost in, her petite body lying unshielded on his bed.

Vulnerable, helpless, unguarded

He steeled himself and ran his hand along her flat waist. Her white satin costume was fitted to her body and it felt so nice. The white skirt flared out a little over the bed sheets and Asuka Jr. knew he’d never allow his father to wash these blankets again. She was an angel, she was heaven, she was destiny, his destiny, but even if she was, she had to be punished for her thefts, for she was still a thief.

She was still breathing heavily as she stared at him and he was under fire. He touched the edge of her skirt, moved over a little and ran his hand along the tail of her tuxedo, moved to her bare upper leg, brushed his palm over her white lacy boot…

“No! I can’t do this!”

“Junior?” Saint Tail asked, sitting up when he suddenly climbed off the bed.

“Please Saint Tail. Don’t speak. I may be able to kiss you passionately and take your fierce response, but… don’t make me love you. You lie vulnerable on my bed, I could have taken you right there, but…”

He looked at her, hoping to hear her voice so that he could make sense of something he was trying to say, but she did what he told her. She was quiet; the only sound you could hear was her silent crying. Sometimes a little sniffle, then more quiet.

“Meimi...” he said walking over to her and trying to take her in his arms. “Come…”

“No!” She pushed him away. “Don’t call me Meimi. Or Saint Tail, I thought you wanted me, so I allowed it but I’m not Saint Tail anymore. You caught me, it’s over, so, just arrest me… get it done next time you chase me. Then I won’t bother you anymore.”

She went to the window and looked back one more time at him.

“Please Saint Tail… I love you,” he said and tapped his hand on the bed.

“No you don’t,” she said and jumped out.

She ran off into the night and as Asuka Jr. watched her, he could hear her crying. He wasn’t the least bit angry; he knew he had made the mistake, and she was right. It was over.


Kissing Saint Tail was bliss and he wouldn’t ever let her go. Her pink skirt swaying back and forth as the moved together to piano music under the view of millions of shining stars.

“I love you baby,” he murmured against her painted magenta lips.

“Me too,” she whispered and kissed him hungrily.

He crushed her to his chest and deepened the kiss, all the while exploring her body. Slowly moving down, he found the edge of her skirt, lifted it, snuck his hand under, and she moaned his last name with nothing but lust when he touched her where she burned the most.

“Daiki… take me!” She moaned in breathless anticipation. He cupped her butt and rubbed a little, making her whimper. She was vulnerable and he was able to try anything. Grinding against him she was breathing in heavy gasps, her eyes were partly closed, she was in heaven.

“Please… Oh baby! Please…”

“Please what?” He said taking the bow of her ponytail in his hand.

“Please…Daiki, take me!” She panted, “please help me, please! Daiki, take me, please…”

“Say it again. Say my name.” He asked her sternly, grasping her arm fiercely with his free hand.

“Daiki…” she panted hungrily.

He pulled out the bow in her hair, ripped her skirt off with one sharp pull and gripping her butt, pushed her in.

She screamed so hard it made him sit up in bed.

He looked around and then glanced at his alarm clock. It was 3: 17 am and… no, he looked at the other half of his bed, she hadn’t come back. Mind you who could blame her, he thought to himself, he’d shattered her heart, and she’d left forever. No you don’t was the last thing she’d said. There were clear tears running down her cheeks as she leapt out his window and ran into the night.

Destiny,” he whispered softly. She was his destiny, she had been. She was willing to be, but now she was gone.

He was out of bed in a split second, grabbed his shirt, and ran for his bike. He knew what he needed to do... he needed to tell Seira, she would help him, she would know where Saint Tail would have gone. He kept hearing her lustful scream from his dream, it was burned into his mind as he pedaled into the night. He raced past Saint Tail’s house, and hit the break as fast as he could. Maybe, just maybe… he would get a little lucky. He took the ladder from the garage and climbed up to the window. Ruby was sitting on the craft desk next to the window beside her snack bowl. The jar of nuts was closed and nothing left out for the rodent, usually it was always full so Asuka Jr. knew she hadn’t come home. Opening the window with a piece of wire, he picked up the little animal, gave it a nut from the jar, and climbed back down. Putting the ladder away, he pedaled over to Seira’s house with the hedgehog in his shirt pocket. When Seira opened the door in a nightshirt and shorts, Asuka Jr. apologized for waking her and when they were sitting on the deck he told her what was going on.

“Seira, you know about Saint Tail’s identity right?”

“She got caught didn’t she? I figured when she didn’t return that you had captured her.”

“Yes, I captured her, but she’s no longer with me. Could you tell me where she might have gone?”

“Wait, why isn’t she with you? Did you arrest her?”

“No, I wouldn’t arrest her… This may shock you…” he began again, “but Saint Tail became an angel when I kissed her. I took her home and we were having a great time, she came back with me to my house, and now she’s…  Seira, I shattered her heart, I told her not to talk because she was too perfect for me and when I wanted to hold her so she’d stop crying, she pushed me away and ran off into the night. Just before she left, she looked back at me one more time. Please Saint Tail, I love you. I whispered to her but she ran off crying. The only thing she said to me before she left was no you don’t. Seira, where do I go, where would she be?”

“Did you check the pier?”

“I came here first, I honestly don’t know where to look. You know her better than I do, so I thought…”

“Okay, I’ll come with you, give me a minute to get dressed.”


A few minutes later they both arrive at the beach.

“Let’s go up the cliff, we can see the whole beach from there.”

“Okay,” Seira said and they began to climb.

Once on top, they looked out over the beach. After ten minutes of searching, Asuka Jr. saw her sitting on the rock bed bellow with someone. She was with another angel! She was crying like crazy while the other girl stroked her back.

"What do I do now?" He asked Seira.

"Go get her back."

"How, I shattered her, what if she won’t take me back?"

"If your meant to be together then she will."

He went over to a shop that was still open and came back with three dozen roses.

"Go win her back detective!" Seira said.

He snuck down until he was about ten feet above her and started pulling off the rose petals until he had 12 long stemmed roses left. He carefully settled himself down and listened to her soft silky whispering.

"You can come with us. We have a hangout." The other girl offered.

"But I still love him. Why did I run away, I was so stupid." Saint Tail cried.

"No, you weren’t stupid, you did nothing wrong."

Taking this as his cue, Asuka Jr. began sprinkling the petals down over her. They both looked up and saw nothing.

"Saint Tail, baby?" She looked at him, and began to cry again when she saw the roses he was carrying.

"Daiki…" She said through her tears.

"I’m sorry baby, I hurt you, I shattered your heart, and for that I am sorry. But if you come back, I will never hurt you again, I’ll do anything you want. Anything."

"Say it again, say my name." She asked him sternly.

"Saint Tail." He said as he handed her the roses.

She sniffed the flowers and smiled at Asuka Jr.

"I love you."

"So do I." He said, and embraced passionately in his arms.

"I am sorry though, even if it’s not my fault. But I shouldn’t have run away."

"No, I’m glad you did."


"I saw your lace underwear when your skirt lifted."


"You may be able to escape my grip, but you can’t escape my eyes."He said and winked at her.

He twirled her around and locked her hands behind her back. Her wings brushing against his chest, he unfastened the pink ribbon tied around her waist and tied her hands together.

"Hey!" She yelled, pretending to be annoyed.

"There," he said. "Now I’ve caught you."

He flipped open his phone and pretended to text his father about her. She tried to steal his cell but he kept it out of her reach.

"Not so clever without your hands Saint Tail?"

He closed his phone, put it in the pocket of his pants and gripping her around the waist, lifted her into his arms and carried her to the cliff rocks where he sat before with the petals. When they got there he placed her on the cool red stone and sprinkled the leftover petals over her. He took off his jacket, shirt, and sat down in front of her.

"Now, Saint Tail, finish you duty. Steal my heart."

She kissed him passionately, lovingly, but then pulled back.

"What?" He asked breathlessly.

"Am I not too perfect for you?"

"Yes, you are, but… I think I can take it."

"I’ll prove you wrong!" She said, and, her hands suddenly untied, she pushed him back and sat down on top of him.

"Tonight I will steal the heart of Asuka Jr. Saint Tail."